Julep Sandee

This is Julep Sandee, from my Julep box this month, which was super delayed because apparently they had difficulty getting the polish colors (or maybe just this one?) out. More on that in my box post later. https://www.instagram.com/p/BqtifGvAMki/ Sandee is described an an oxblood shimmer, and while that's not entirely inaccurate, it's one of the... Continue Reading →


Julep Padma & Julep Ruth

I bought the Sugar Plum polish duo from Julep during a past holiday sale (2014, I think), and I just never got around to wearing it. I'm gradually combing through my stash and trying to swatch/wear all of the colors that I somehow missed before. This set was so nicely packaged that I never took... Continue Reading →

Zoya Payton

I don't know if I previously swatched Zoya Payton and just forgot to post photos or what. It's also a 2013 polish (from Zoya's Zenith collection) like the one in my last post, but this one has aged gracefully and didn't require any thinning, despite it being five years old. This is two coats with... Continue Reading →

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