LAST JULEP BOX: Julep February 2019 (A Star is Born) Maven Box unboxing

This is super, super late as I was waylaid by various significant medical surprises this year. I'm recovering now, and I'm more or less okay now, so I count myself lucky. Anyway, onward! According to my notes, my February 2019 monthly Julep Maven box arrived on February 22, following the same pattern of the last... Continue Reading →

Fragrant Jewels Cosmic Vibes Candle and Bath Bomb Set & Rainbow Clouds Bath Bomb Trio

Last Christmas, my sister TiO2 gave me an interesting gift: two Fragrant Jewels bath bombs. I wasn't much of a bath person before, and as a person with a sensitive sniffer, the potent - though certainly not unpleasant - smells that exploded from the box on opening made me a little uncertain at first. Still,... Continue Reading →

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