Julep September 2017 (Flawless Without the Fuss) “Peaches & Dream” Maven Box unboxing (with add-ons and promo code!)

Just a quick unboxing post! I went with one of Julep’s curated boxes this month, “Peaches & Dream” (the box they suggested for me), and threw in a few extra nail polishes:


My picks:

  • Skip the Brush Creme-to-Powder Blush Stick in Sweet Peach ($24 regular, $19.20 Maven), a “Light Peachy Pink Sheen,” plus these nail colors:
  • August ($14 regular, $11.20 Maven), new this month, “Chocolate Cherry Ghost Shimmer,”
  • Karin ($14 regular, $11.20 Maven), new this month, “Powdered Lilac Crème,”
  • Eve ($14 regular, $11.20 Maven) as an add-on, sold as the Unicorn Party Mystery Polish, “Iridescent Lilac Matte Shimmer,”
  • Signe ($14 regular, $11.20 Maven) as an add-on, “Red-Hot Coral Shimmer,” and
  • Ange ($14 regular, $11.20 Maven) as an add-on, “Tidepool Blue Crème.”



  • Katya ($14 regular, $11.20 Maven), freebie for getting three or more add-ons, “Açai Berry Crème,”
  • Julep stickers, this month’s freebie, and
  • the collection description card with the monthly quote (below) and featuring Julep’s primers, new cushion skin perfector, and new finishing powder (which I picked up in July).

I got two each of the sticker sheets and paper inserts this month, for some reason. Not that I’m complaining!

This month’s quote:

“Find a sense of self, because with that, you can do anything else.” – Angelina Jolie

The promo code that came with this box is FALLPOLISH for a free nail polish with a $10+ purchase at Julep’s website, expires 9/30/2017.


I have Skip the Brush in three other colors already because they’re so versatile, and I’ve liked them all to varying degrees. I thought Sweet Peach would be a little more of a cream finish and a little less shimmer/glitter than Golden Guava, but that was only maybe somewhat true. Though you can’t see it in the tube, Sweet Peach ended up having some of those odd chunks of gold glitter inside, too. I think there’s less than I saw in Golden Guava, but if you can’t stand glitter, this is not for you.

I think Sheer Glow and Moonlit Sand stand as my favorite shades of this product. They have that glowy shimmer a good luminizer has, but no random chunks of gold glitter.


I’ve already swatched new colors August and Karin in another post, and Eve is a duplicate I’ve also swatched, if you’re interested. (I love Eve, which you can read about at the swatch link.)

In short, August disappointed me because the shimmer doesn’t show, and in person, it reads as an almost-black creme. Here, you can see it next to an older Julep polish, Ledi, which has the same largely gimmicky “ghost shimmer” finish. You can see in strong direct light (this is taken in harsh sunlight) that it’s actually a very dark chocolaty brown compared to Ledi’s black, but it doesn’t look that way on the nail. Also, the shimmer is silver, not, say, reddish. Too bad.


Signe and Katya are new to my collection and will be swatched at some point. 🙂

That’s all for this box. Feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions or comments about the products I got, Julep, etc. Happy fall!


Julep Lucky Mystery Box with Shannon – It Girl

Today’s going to be a major blog-post catch-up day. First up is Julep’s March 2014 mystery box, the Lucky Mystery Box, which shipped super fast and arrived yesterday, something like two days after my order.

Julep released four choices for this box, one with Shannon, a “pale minty silk”; one with Aislinn, an “edgy black with green glitter”; one with Taryn, a “deep sea teal holographic glitter”; and one 100% mystery that didn’t guarantee a new exclusive polish. Each box went for $24.99 and promised at least four times its cost in full retail value ($100+).

Julep’s been doing their mystery boxes differently lately, and I wanted to see how this one worked, especially since I haven’t picked up a Julep mystery box in a good long while, and the contents make for great random gifts. I also wanted Shannon because I’m a sucker for mint green (it’s one of my favorite colors), and I like the textured silk finish.

The box that came in was huge, so I was pretty hopeful at first, but it turned out half of it was just packing material. Bummer! No iPad Mini for me this time.


Here’s what I ended up getting:

  • 3 oz. Glycolic Hand Scrub ($23.00 regular, $18.40 Maven)
  • Kennedy, a “[k]haki crème” ($14.00 regular, currently $3.99 on sale)
  • Tatiana, a “[g]olden burnt orange microglitter” ($14.00 regular, currently available for free with a $10+ purchase)
  • Shannon, the aforementioned “pale minty silk” (presumably $14.00 regular and $11.20 Maven)
  • Sabrina, a “[z]esty orange shimmer crackle” ($14.00 regular, currently $2.99 on sale)
  • Blakely, a “[p]urple and green molten” ($14.00 regular, $11.20 Maven)
  • Fiore, an “[e]spresso brown crème” ($14.00 regular, $11.20 Maven)

The total maximum value is $107.00, but realistically, going by the lowest prices, the box is worth more like $58.98, or about 2.4 times the cost of the box. Three of the six polishes were doubles, but they’re colors I love, so that’s fine by me. It’s not a bad box, but it’s not the most exciting mystery box I’ve gotten from Julep.

I also picked up the Lucky Mystery Add-On, which was $9.99 for a $42.00 value. I wanted to try out the bigger Major Mystery Add-On, which was $14.99 for a $63.00 value, but they were sold out at the time. They seem to be back in stock as of this writing, but I guess it’s just as well. Saved me some money.


Here’s what I got:

  • Rose, a “juicy watermelon red crème” ($14.00 regular, $11.20 Maven)
  • Grace, a “[c]lassic ‘go-to’ light pink sheer” ($14.00 regular, currently $6.99 on sale)
  • Sienna, a “[s]ophisticated, shimmery gold” ($14.00 regular, $11.20 Maven)
  • packet of forget-me-not seeds (this was a freebie with a Maven box last year, so I’m going to consider it free)

That makes for a maximum total value of $42.00, as promised, and realistically for a Maven, a value of $29.39, still 2.9 times its cost.

It’s a decent deal, as usual, but also as expected, the boxes seem to be where much of the clearance stuff goes, and if you’ve stuck with Julep for a while, you’ll probably get a fair share of duplicate colors. As long as you go into the purchase understanding that, you probably won’t be disappointed. These boxes are great for starting a collection, though, if you’re new to nail polish or Julep.

By the way, when I looked at the invoice this time, I didn’t see a version number like with previous mystery boxes I ordered, so I’m guessing there was only one version of each mystery box. Did any of you get this box, and did you get the same items as me?

Julep “The Bogeyman” Spooky Set and Mystery Add-On

My sister alerted me to the Spooky Sets currently on sale at Julep, and I really love Halloween, so I went ahead and picked one up. I decided to go with The Bogeyman because it’s obviously the best value, and I like all the items. It’s going for $29.99 for a lightweight black skull scarf (not purchasable separately), white snake ring (not purchasable separately), and three polishes ($14 each regular retail, $11.20 Maven price, and may be cheaper on sale). At maximum (regular retail) value, the polishes already come to $42 on their own ($33.50 Maven), and I’ve seen Julep polishes go for about $5 each on sale, for a total of $15 value at estimated low-ball value for the polishes alone. That still leaves about $15 for the scarf and ring, which I think is a decent deal.


As you can see, the box actually arrived with some surprise extras! In addition to the items I ordered, they threw in a second serving of candy corn (there was a baggie of it in the October Maven box) and cute Halloween nail decals! Awesome! The decals are apparently made by Etsy artist Alex Cole and usually go for $3.99 a set. They’re pretty sweet. (Photo with my snake ring repurposed as a necklace with a chain I already own.)


The Bogeyman set includes Nicolette (opaque French white), Cleopatra (black latex crème, no latex in formula), and Marjorie (citrus orange frost). I actually own Cleopatra and Marjorie already, but I’m trading Cleopatra with my sister later (we plan ahead for these things!), and I love Marjorie’s bright pumpkin orange and thought it’d be nice to have a spare, since Juleps are little and go so fast.


The black skull scarf is lightweight, delicate, and somewhat transparent (demonstrated against my polish rack below), with a loose, breezy weave – great for fall. The lace skulls are a nice touch. As you can see from my photo, it’s a big square. I had a slight issue with my scarf – it’s slightly defective, with part of the cream border missing (it’s in the photo on the left side). It’s not horrendously noticeable, but I think I’ll notify Julep anyway, since it’s still a bit disappointing to pay for something defective. I might estimate the value of this scarf around $10, based on similar-quality scarves I’ve seen.



The white snake ring is definitely costume-jewelry quality, but it’s decent enough for that purpose. Unfortunately, it’s way too huge for any of my fingers, including the thumb (I think it’s a size 8 or so, and it’s not adjustable) – but luckily, it makes for a really cool pendant when hung on a chain! Then again, I love snakes, so it’s awesome that snake accessories are sort of in right now. Definitely something I would wear. I might estimate this to be around $8, based on rings I’ve seen at, say, Claire’s.


The mystery add-on, which was offered with the Zig Zag Mystery Boxes earlier this month but surprisingly made available to purchasers of Spooky Sets, was $9.99 and promised to have a value of $42. Mine included Julep’s Sugar Smooch Lip Scrub ($14 regular retail, $11.20 Maven), which I have one of and love. I have super sensitive lips – which react to almost very lip product other than really plain stuff, like Vaseline, cocoa butter, and olive oil – and this lip scrub doesn’t set off my allergies at all. Instant love. I already have Karen (peach Bellini frost from the July 2013 California coast-themed collection – $14 regular, $11.20 Maven) and love having a spare, but Zora (frosted pink pearl from the May 2013 1920s-themed collection – $14 regular retail, $11.20 Maven) is new for me. Both awesome colors that I’m happy to have. This comes out to a maximum value of $42, Maven value of $33.60, and estimated minimum value of $15. Good deal any which way!

I also picked up a set of Swatch Me stickers because I can be kind of OCD about my polishes not all having the swatches on top, but I was deceived! The Swatch Me stickers are not glossy like the ones that come pre-applied. They’re more like the plain labels you can print at home. :\ Meh. This isn’t going to help my obsessive tendencies much, unfortunately! At least they were cheap – $1.99 for three sheets, 20 stickers per sheet. I guess I’m just going to have to practice discipline when I look at my polish caps, which I suppose isn’t a bad thing.


Better yet, I bought this all with a 20% discount from the above prices with the code FIRST20.  BG74L8U ($5 off $20) was also valid at the time I made my order, but I used FIRST20 for a better discount.

Except for the mild disappointment with the labels and the small defect on the scarf, I’m pretty happy with this haul! Anyone else pick up a Spooky Set? What did you think?

UPDATE 10/23/13: I e-mailed Julep about the defective scarf and about something I forgot to mention – my packing slip said I was supposed to have a free cabochon ring thrown in for apparently being one of the first 200 people to order a Spooky Set, and it wasn’t in the box! Hopefully, I’ll hear back soon. I’ll update the post with my customer service experience when I hear back.