Julep Christi & Julep Ariel

Slapped on two coordinating October 2017 Julep releases today: Julep Christi and Ariel. https://www.instagram.com/p/BafM9KFAOqB/?taken-by=eternaldecember Christi is a deep teal shimmer that readily shifts between blue and green - really gorgeous. I thought I might have another polish similar to it, given how many teal shimmers I own, but now that I have it on the... Continue Reading →


Julep Amity

Two coats of Julep Amity, plus a coat of Essie Shine of the Times making a cameo appearance on the ring finger, topped with Essie Good to Go top coat, in outdoor natural light. Direct sunlight on top and shade on bottom: Amity, described by Julep as a white-gold metallic signifying friendship, is a sparkly semi-sheer... Continue Reading →

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