Sinful Colors Got a Bat Attitude & Julep Nicola

Final week of this year's Halloween nails. 🙂 Felt like going for something minimalist this time. This is one coat of Sinful Colors Got a Bat Attitude and one coat Julep Nicola, topped with Sally Hansen Miracle Gel top coat. The second photo shows my blurry attempt to capture the phosporescence in the half dark... Continue Reading →


ILNP Tilted

This is ILNP Tilted, an Ultra Chrome from the holiday 2017 collection, two coats plus Julep Oxygen Performance Top Coat. Tilted has a metallic/shimmery fuchsia base with a beautiful gold/olive to blue-violet shift. Great application, and I don't recall anything unusual about the dry time or durability. Really enjoyed wearing this one!

ILNP Lights Out

So, I finally made my first-ever ILNP order. I’ve been covetously eying their amazing polishes (best holos and multichromes ever!) for years, but I just kept biding my time for some reason. (Then they sent me a 25% off coupon because I’d registered and never bought anything, and I was galvanized to action. Took me long... Continue Reading →

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