ILNP By Nightfall

This is ILNP By Nightfall from the fall 2017 collection. By Nightfall is a shimmery metallic almost-black blue-gray generously loaded with silver and holo flakes. It’s definitely aptly named! The holo sparkle isn’t in your face, but you can definitely see the rainbows in direct light. The formula is easy to apply and... Continue Reading →


Julep Primrose

Last week's nail swatch, Julep Primrose, two coats, plus Sally Hansen Miracle Gel top coat: Primrose is a beautiful orchid-pink jelly with fine holo flakes. The holographic effect isn't terribly strong, from what I experienced, and the flakes generally read as silver, though very sparkly! The rainbows come out a bit in stronger light, though,... Continue Reading →

ILNP Art District

It’s been a while since I’ve polished my nails, mostly because I was sick for so long - over a month, going on two! D: I hardly had the energy to keep myself awake, let alone polish my nails. If there’s one thing I appreciate about illness, it’s being reminded not to take your health... Continue Reading →

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