Zoya Payton

I don't know if I previously swatched Zoya Payton and just forgot to post photos or what. It's also a 2013 polish (from Zoya's Zenith collection) like the one in my last post, but this one has aged gracefully and didn't require any thinning, despite it being five years old. This is two coats with... Continue Reading →


Sephora Formula X Hocus Pocus

From my untried polishes, this is Sephora Formula X Hocus Pocus, two coats, with Sally Hansen Miracle Gel top coat, in outdoor natural light. It's too bad Sephora discontinued their Formula X line. I got this in a sampler set at some point, and this was the representative polish from their Holograms series. https://www.instagram.com/p/BnkeLvBBK_w/?taken-by=eternaldecember Hocus... Continue Reading →

ILNP By Nightfall

This is ILNP By Nightfall from the fall 2017 collection. https://www.instagram.com/p/BioKSuyhA9J/?taken-by=eternaldecember By Nightfall is a shimmery metallic almost-black blue-gray generously loaded with silver and holo flakes. It’s definitely aptly named! The holo sparkle isn’t in your face, but you can definitely see the rainbows in direct light. https://www.instagram.com/p/BioKxWfhz5i/?taken-by=eternaldecember The formula is easy to apply and... Continue Reading →

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