Julep Sloan

A palate-cleanser sort of polish this time: Julep Sloan, which Julep describes as an "Icy Primrose Shimmer," from my December 2018 box. I don't remember why I picked this color when I made my subscription box selections last month, but it must have attracted me at the time. Once in a while, I suppose, I... Continue Reading →


Julep Maynette

This is Julep Maynette, from the July 2018 collection, two coats topped with Sally Hansen Miracle Gel top coat. https://www.instagram.com/p/BljwYPUhW6h/?taken-by=eternaldecember Maynette is a bright, minty turquoise shimmer with a frosty finish that tends to show brush strokes and bubbles, as you can see in my swatch. I didn't try especially hard to minimize streakiness or... Continue Reading →

Julep Pam & Julep Alysha

I've got swatches for two Julep August 2016 colors today, Julep Pam and Julep Alysha! These photos show two coats, topped with Essie Good to Go top coat, in outdoor natural light. https://www.instagram.com/p/BI_qIETgFiw/?taken-by=eternaldecember   https://www.instagram.com/p/BI_qPMuglB5/?taken-by=eternaldecember   Pam is a somewhat frosty, somewhat metallic orange-soda orange with holographic shimmer. The frosty finish shows brushstrokes a bit, but it's... Continue Reading →

Julep Aubrey

Julep Aubrey is a color from September's It Girl Maven box, labeled as a "[r]osewood shimmer." The color's hard to describe, but if I were to give it a shot, I'd say it looks like a dusty, rose-leaning deep grape to me; a little too purple for a rosewood color, at least to my eye. The finish is... Continue Reading →

Julep Zora

I'm not usually a "work-appropriate" colors kind of girl - there's just usually something flashier that catches my eye more - but somehow the mood struck me this week. For whatever reason, I was excited about Julep Fifi ("[t]ea time pink crème") when it was announced as one of this month's limited-edition colors. Something about that pale, cool,... Continue Reading →

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