Julep Leslie & China Glaze Boo-gie Down

Another set of Halloween nails: Julep Leslie & China Glaze Boo-gie Down: https://www.instagram.com/p/BpQ3jOchIlT/?taken-by=eternaldecember Julep Leslie is an older Julep polish that I never got around to trying. It still had its shrink wrap on! Leslie is a black creme base with fine silver shimmer. The shimmer is brighter in the bottle, but it's pretty subtle... Continue Reading →


China Glaze Howl You Doin’ (five years later)

This is China Glaze Howl You Doin', two coats, with Sally Hansen Miracle Gel top coat. I picked this one up around Halloween in 2013 and previously wore it then, with more detailed swatch notes in that post. (Sorry for the gross swatch - it was really clumpy and hard to apply!) https://www.instagram.com/p/BoaUW-oBm83/?taken-by=eternaldecember It thickened... Continue Reading →

China Glaze Sun Worshiper

I've had China Glaze Sun Worshiper in my collection for a while - a present from Mr. 'Fiend because he likes bright orange as much as I do :] -  but never got around to wearing it until today. Not my best swatching job (sorry!), but here's 3 coats topped with Julep Freedom Top Coat in... Continue Reading →

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