Julep Judy

I was visiting my sister this past weekend, and we decided to paint our nails together - something we somehow never did as kids (probably because I was a tomboy) but now do as adults because modern nail polish is actually attractive to us. 🙂 While I was over at her place, I borrowed Julep... Continue Reading →

Live Love Polish LBD & Live Love Polish Calico

I'm slowly getting around to trying out the entire Felis Collection, but I'm taking my time, since there's no real reason not to. 🙂 Here's Live Love Polish Calico, one coat over black (Live Love Polish LBD). https://www.instagram.com/p/B1aJYeagnOp/ First, let me begin by saying that LBD is the best black polish I have ever tried.... Continue Reading →

Essie Universe in Reverse duo

Last time Essie came out with a similar set, the two-color Mercury in Retrograde collection, I inadvertently passed on it because it sold out before I made up my mind about it, and I don't think it ever got restocked. This time, I was determined not to let it happen again, and Ulta happened to... Continue Reading →

NAVNI Beauty – Space Eggplant

I fell in love with NAVNI Beauty Space Eggplant as soon as I saw a swatch for the first time on Instagram. NAVNI Beauty is a relatively new indie polish brand created by Kripa, who also works full-time as a physician/surgeon (link to Paula's swatch post and interview, since I discovered NAVNI through her :)) -... Continue Reading →

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