SpaRitual Intuition

Today’s catch-up day, since I’ve been neglecting the blog so much.

Another quickie. Here’s three coats SpaRitual Intuition from the Illuminate collection (last year’s holiday collection), topped with one coat Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat.

Direct sunlight:

In shade (natural light:

Intuition is a somewhat sheer grape-candy purple with dense glass-fleck shimmer that shifts from magenta to blue, depending on the angle and lighting. Reasonably opaque (though not completely so) in three coats, and I’m sure it’d be awesome over black or another dark base color. Lovely. No complaints about the formula or the brush, which is fairly standard (non-wide). I like the rubbery grips on the SpaRitual caps, which make polishing extra easy. I also noticed that this polish is less smelly than most other polishes, which I appreciate because I have a sensitive sniffer like a dog’s.

SpaRitual’s polishes typically go for $12 a bottle, though I snagged this one on clearance for maybe half that. I only own a couple SpaRitual polishes at the moment, but so far, I’ve found they’re a great value for the quality of polish.


OPI Muir Muir on the Wall, SpaRitual Imagination, and Zoya Magical PixieDust Arlo

This week’s nails were a bit of an experiment because I really wanted to wear Arlo, but I didn’t feel like having so much bling and texture on every finger at the time. The combo turned out looking a bit random, but I think I’m okay with that. :]

In outdoor indirect light, this is:

Ring finger – Zoya Magical PixieDust Arlo ($10 regular*), two coats, no top coat

Other fingers – OPI Muir Muir on the Wall ($9.50 regular*), two coats, with a gradient at the tip in SpaRitual Imagination ($12 regular*), approximately two coats, topped with Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat

* I pretty much never buy any nail polish at full price and highly recommend bargain hunting and using coupons to get the biggest bang for your buck! Prices based off what I saw at Ulta.

Muir Muir on the Wall (which I’ll call MMOTW for short), from OPI’s San Francisco collection last fall/winter, is a watery, semi-sheer black base densely loaded with burgundy shimmer that shifts from plum to gold in the bottle. The blackened base with shimmer reminds me of the Julep “molten” polishes, like Angela and Blakely, or Wet n Wild MegaLast Under Your Spell. The gold side of the color shift doesn’t show up too much on the nail for me, but sometimes it does look more purple, like in the photo above. At least on me, this polish typically looks like a dark burgundy/plum.

From some angles, MMOTW is pretty dark because of that black base:

MMOTW’s formula is good, and it’s mostly opaque in one coat. The second coat evened out the mild patchiness very nicely. It applied smoothly and had an average dry time. The wide, thick, flattened, and square-tipped OPI brush isn’t my favorite, though. It’s a bit wide for my nails, so I have to turn it a bit sideways to keep from painting onto the skin. Otherwise, I’ve got no complaints.

I’ve posted about Imagination before – it’s a sheer mauve/puce base with dichroic shimmer that shifts from magenta to blue/teal. I probably should have known it’d primarily show up teal or blue over MMOTW, but I hoped that the magenta shift might help echo Arlo’s pinkish purple. It kind of does, sometimes:

The teal/blue shimmer wasn’t what I was going for when I initially painted on the gradient, but it doesn’t look so bad. I love the magical color shift on Imagination, either way. The mauve/puce base tone doesn’t really show because it’s so sheer. No problems with application on this one, either. SpaRitual’s rubberized cap is really easy to hold, and the brush is pretty standard, other than the slightly shorter stem. Imagination also dries pretty fast.

Finally, Arlo, from Zoya’s Magical PixieDust collection this summer, is a polish that I really wanted from the first moment I laid eyes on it. It’s got a cheerful pink-purple jelly base just packed with multi-sized holographic hex glitters and dries to a semi-matte, sugary, translucent texture. The texture’s a bit chunkier than the original PixieDust formula, but it’s much smoother than I expected from its hefty payload of glitters. It’s not nearly as rough or jagged as Essie Belugaria. Still, you’d probably have to be into textured polishes to like this one. I love it. It makes me think of a weird cross of kompeito and druzy. :]

Application is great. Arlo’s got good coverage in two coats (though it’ll still be semi-sheer because it’s a jelly), and no glitter placement or pushing around is needed to get a pretty even distribution of glitter and texture. It also dries super fast. The brush is the standard small, round, flat-tipped brush like other Zoya polishes I’ve tried, but the cap on this collection has a grippier, rubberized, velvety finish. It’s a nice touch, especially since the Magical PixieDust polishes cost $1 more than the typical Zoya.

Anyway, here’s a shot in direct sunlight, outdoors – MMOTW definitely looks less purple and more burgundy here:

I think the combination is growing on me.

Next week or the week after, I may have some indie colors to post up. :] Right now, my indie polish collection is pretty small, but I recently ordered a few that I’m really excited about. Something to look forward to!

Sephora by OPI Ruby Without a Cause & SpaRitual Imagination

Bah, I super love Golden Romance, but it chipped off shortly after I wrote up that last post. :[ I blame myself for skipping Orly Bonder – for the one nail that I repaired with Bonder as an experiment, the nail polish didn’t chip off, so it’s not entirely the fault of the polish. In other words, don’t let my experience deter you from buying it!

Anyway, since my polish chipped off early, here’s a quickie swatch post. I used one of my untried polishes, Ruby Without a Cause from the now-discontinued Sephora by OPI line. It’s a one-coater!

This is one coat, topped with one coat of SpaRitual Imagination (from the 2013 holiday Illuminate collection) on the index and ring fingers, plus Seche Vite on all nails. In indoor fluorescent lighting (hence the greenish cast), day 2:

Not my best application ever because I rushed it, but the flat, slightly wide brush is actually very easy to control, if you’re willing to take my word for it.

And here it is again in indirect sunlight, also day 2:

No complaints on the formula or brush for either. In the bottle, Ruby Without a Cause looks like it’s got some veins of dichroic teal/green shimmer, but this doesn’t translate onto the nail at all. Instead, it looks like a straight-up rose shimmer/metallic once applied. Not as amazing as it looks in the bottle, but still a pretty color. It’s also got perfect coverage in one coat.

Imagination‘s a sheer brownish mauve – puce, almost – loaded with dichroic magenta-to-blue shimmer. It gives Ruby Without a Cause a purplish tinge, and the shimmer shows up as mostly teal to blue on this color. SpaRitual polishes are usually $12, but I picked this up for $5-ish on clearance and with a 20%-off coupon at Ulta – score!

Official SpaRitual Imagination swatch.

I’ll leave you with a bottle shot of both colors so you can get an idea of how even more awesome these look in the bottle. I only wish they were as iridescent on the nail!


Happy Friday!