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Hi! I’m Lacquerfiend, and this is my journal for thoughts on mostly nail polishes and mystery or subscription boxes. Sometimes I might post about other stuff I picked up, like tea!

About me

I’m typically kind of a boyish girl, but I really, really like nail polish. I’m a full-time legal professional by day and have some artsy side hustles, on top of wrangling my high-octane ankle-biter, ‘Fiend Jr. ❤

I like my nails short because I’m a hardcore pianist and work with my hands all the time. I’m just as comfortable using power tools as I am painting my nails. I don’t care that much about chipping polish, either. Just gives me a reason to repaint them!

Feel free to say hello and drop me a line at lacquerfiend at gmail dot com, or just leave me a comment on the blog. 🙂

About my blog

Nearly everything I’ve reviewed is bought with my own money. I’ve no plans to court sponsors, as I already have a lot of commitments, but if I ever review a product sent to me, I’ll let you know in the post. Either way, I will always give my honest and unadulterated opinion.

I throw in a referral link here and there – they’re labeled on mouse-over or in a disclosure statement in the post, and I don’t expect you to use them if you don’t want to. If you do, though, thanks! Referrals go toward products reviewed on this blog.

You can find my previous Tumblr blog posts at Christmas Every Day (subscription and mystery boxes) and the old Lacquerfiend (nail polish swatches).

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  1. I have to ask …where did you get the idea for your blog name?That is awesome that your a tomboy and can clearly do a diverse amount of things. hugs and come visit sometime 🙂

    1. One of my friends referred to me as a “nail polish fiend” in conversation, and I decided to name my blog a modified version of that. 🙂 And thanks! My teen self would have rolled her eyes at nail polish, but I love it now! Will definitely visit your blog.

  2. I get you! I’m not quite a tomboy, but a lot of the time I can’t be bothered with things considered stereotypically girly. I wear very little to no make up and even though I have nice things in my closet, I mostly wear random t-shirts, jeans and simple flats because it’s way more practical. I’m usually singing, playing something, or painting and making a mess out of things. And the few times I had access to power tools (can’t afford them) I feel great (table saw is my fav for some reason). But polishing my nails has become a passion as of late and now I have 70+ bottles of polish and I get a couple more every now and then. I bet my teen self would be equal parts astounded and weirded out. My mother is also kinda surprised that in a year and a half I went from bitten nails to life in technicolor. Shouldn’t be that surprising, because I also tend to hoard paint, and colorful items, I’m an artist for heaven’s sake! Returning to you, I’m glad I’m not the only one that kinda breaks the mold. Keep being you! 🙂

    1. Thanks much for visiting. It’s nice to meet another polish lover into power tools, haha. 😀 I think you could be right – I’m also an artist and am mesmerized by paints and other colorful things, too!

      1. Colorful things do have that effect in many artistic minds. And I guess maybe ten years from now, I’ll have managed to get myself a little workshop, with precision drills, a table saw, glass cutters, a kiln and a bunch of other things for cutting, making holes and shaping all things wood, metal or glass. Crafting is more fun I you can cut your own materials they way you want and the hardware store clerk is not gonna mess up the measurements (sore point for me, if I want squares they have to be square, damn it). Greetings from Ecuador 😀

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