This week’s polish is ILNP 1UP, from ILNP’s Summer 2015 Ultra Holo collection. It was one of my Black Friday polishes. ❤ Mr. Fiend got me Super Mario Odyssey for Christmas, so I’ve been playing that with our preschooler a lot recently, and this polish fits that perfectly, hehe.

1UP is a cheery green linear holographic polish. ILNP describes the color as a “vivid lime green,” and it looks pretty yellowish on ILNP’s website (at least on my monitor), but my bottle seems to lean less golden in person. It’s mostly opaque in two coats, as in my photo (though it looks a little sheerer in the photo than in person), but I think it could have done with a third coat if I hadn’t been so impatient today. (I was getting so hungry, I just couldn’t wait for another coat to dry!) Anyway, application was easy, and it dried on the faster side of average for me. Will report back on durability later if anything stands out, else you can probably assume that it was about average.

I love green nail polish (if I can’t decide, I’ll usually grab a green), and 1UP is of the same high quality I’ve found in all the other ILNP polishes I’ve tried, so this one’s a winner like the rest.

Super Mario Odyssey really is a lot of fun, by the way. I play a lot of games that aren’t appropriate for kids, and it’s refreshing to play something that’s okay to boot up when Fiend, Jr.’s around. 😀 She really enjoys it, too, since she can play it with me…and troll me by flying off and leaving me helpless in the middle of boss fights. xD Good times.


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