Live Love Polish Dark Matter

I also ended up buying the Live Love Polish Galaxy Trio (which includes Dark Matter, Cosmic Dust, and Stellar Halo) during Black Friday sales. Dark Matter, especially, is essentially what I’d have requested if I ever won one of those custom polish contests, so I’m quite happy with it.

Dark Matter has a black base with magnetic particles that shift from green to purple, as well as scattered small holo glitters that look convincingly like stars. Such a pretty polish!

The formula was easy to apply and fully opaque in a single coat, without use of a black undercoat. The main issue I had with it was it was difficult to get the magnetic pattern to stay. I used the Live Love Polish magnet that the trio came with, and after I held it for a good 30 seconds or longer, there was a clearly visible magnetized “cat eye” streak, but the design gradually diffused out later. The final effect looks hardly different from a regular non-magnetic iridescent/duochrome shimmer, though there’s some evidence I used the magnet; it’s just not a sharp cat eye like I intended. I don’t remember my other magnetic polishes being so difficult to magnetize, for some reason. Magnetic polishes generally seem to require a thicker coat to achieve the cat-eye design, but this one especially seems to require a generous amount of polish. Luckily, the polish dries fast.

(EDIT 1/10/20 – This polish had about average durability for me. It lasted about three days before major chipping.)

Overall, Dark Matter is kind of a more opaque version of Artemis with holographic glitters.

I haven’t tried Cosmic Dust or Stellar Halo yet, but I’ll probably use them soon.

Wishing you all a happy 2020!


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