KBShimmer Here for the Boos & Maniology Phantom

Late, late, late. I can’t seem to keep up with my nail journal these days, but I guess it’s better late than never! Trying to catch up today.

This is KBShimmer Here for the Boos, a bright, juicy orange jelly packed with all kinds of holographic glitter goodness. It’s a chunkier polish, so it dries a bit rough like a glitter and was more comfortable to wear with glossy top coat (I used KBShimmer Clearly on Top) smoothing it out. I used two coats of polish for my photos. I love how bright and sparkly it is!

Here for the Boos held up pretty well durability-wise (I think for close to a week) and dried faster than average. It does remove more like a glitter polish, though, and required a little bit of a soak. It’s not a problem for me, since I pretty much do the soak method for removing all polish; I just leave the acetone on for longer or shorter, depending. I think this polish required a good 10-12-minute soak, which is more typical for glitters.

I also tried nail stamping for the very first time! I think I mentioned recently that I’d been wanting to make a foray into stamping, if for nothing other than trying something new and expanding my horizons. Never know if you’ll love it until you try, right? Well, I’m not skilled yet, obviously, but I managed to stamp some cute ghosts with Maniology Phantom, a shimmery/metallic desaturated purple specially designed for stamping (because it’s super pigmented and doesn’t require multiple coats). The plate I used is Maniology Boo Ya: Ghosted.

I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to pick up the image relatively fine and stamp it on on my first attempt – I just used Maniology’s beginner tutorial – but I tried to pick up additional images after that first success and failed repeatedly. D: I think I need more practice. I wonder if I’m not doing it quickly enough, since it seems like my main problem is not being able to pick up the image after scraping the plate. I’ll try stamping again over the holidays, for sure!

Anyway, if any of you are interested in trying out stamping, you’re welcome to use my referral link for $5 off your order at Maniology! The customer service is excellent from my experience. They’re located out in Hawaii, but I’ve received my orders (in California) within a few days of ordering. I also once had a sheet of decals that arrived with multiple stickers missing, and the mailed me a new one right away. They’ve also included little freebies with my past orders, like stickers or pineapple candy, which I always appreciate. πŸ™‚ I also enjoy that they often have mystery bundle ($6 to $15 for a set of plate(s) and stamping polish, depending on the deal) and starter kit deals (there’s a deal for a free starter kit (not a referral link) if you’ve never ordered from them before, or it gives you 50% off a starter kit if you’re an existing customer) that have been really great for me getting some starter supplies.


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