Pure Ice Deja Vu

Finally, caught up to today’s manicure, haha. This is an old polish from my collection, Pure Ice Deja Vu, which I bought probably in 2012 or 2013. I’ve posted July 4th nails using it once, but I don’t think I ever got around to using it as the sole color for a week.

I’m not sure this color is still available, but Pure Ice is a Walmart exclusive brand, and I remember going to our dinky little mini Walmart at a mall nearby just to peruse and buy Pure Ice nail polish. I’d never been inside that store before that day, and it closed down later, so no more Pure Ice for me. My area just doesn’t really have Walmarts, and the last time I went to a real Walmart (way too far to be worth it), it was a zoo, and I don’t really want to repeat that experience again.


Deja Vu is a stunning sapphire-blue metallic/shimmer with a beautiful red flash from some angles. The combination sometimes gives the polish an overall purplish hue. It’s really gorgeous, and I’m not at all sorry I braved Walmart for this color, even if I might not repeat that experience again anytime soon. I am full of love for this polish. ❤

Formula is great, and the dry time was average for me. I’m wearing it with KBShimmer Nail Strengthener base and Clearly On Top top coat and will report back if there’s any unusual durability to note.


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