NAVNI Beauty Turquoise Pools

I’m behind on my nail journaling again, but hopefully I can catch up tonight! This is NAVNI Beauty Turquoise Pools, two coats with top coat:

Turquoise Pools is a turquoise creme with a subtle pink shimmer that didn’t show up at all in my photos and honestly wasn’t very noticeable in person unless you looked for it. I think I would have preferred a more obvious shimmer, but that’s okay. I don’t usually wear cremes, so it was a nice change of pace.

The polish has an excellent formula and great durability. The dry time seemed pretty average, but with top coat, it lasted for about a week with only minor tip wear and chipping, when many polishes last only 3-4 days on me. It seems great durability is something all of my NAVNI Beauty polishes have had in common!

Anyway, still loving NAVNI Beauty’s offerings! On my next haul, I’ve got my eye on Draped in Dreams, Icicle Creek (which I would’ve ordered instead of Turquoise Pools if it had been in stock!), and Night Shift! I hope those colors stay in stock until I can get around to ordering again. 🙂

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