Live Love Polish LBD & Live Love Polish Calico

I’m slowly getting around to trying out the entire Felis Collection, but I’m taking my time, since there’s no real reason not to. 🙂 Here’s Live Love Polish Calico, one coat over black (Live Love Polish LBD).

First, let me begin by saying that LBD is the best black polish I have ever tried. I’ve had my hopes dashed multiple times by black polishes that promised to be opaque in one coat, but LBD is the only one I’ve tried so far that is the real deal. One coat is really all it takes to get perfect, smooth opacity, no streaks or patchy spots. It’s amazing.

Calico is a magnetic polish that is best used as a topper over black (hence, LBD as a base color), as multiple coats will also require multiple applications of the magnet, which I’d find annoying. Magnetic polishes, as is, are a little fussier than my impatient personality prefers, as you need to hover a magnet over the polish for a good long while while it dries to ensure that the aurora pattern doesn’t diffuse away before it dries in place. Calico’s flash is gold/olive/pink, and it’s beautiful.

The formula was easy to work with, but for whatever reason, whether it’s my magnet or the polish, the magnetized design wasn’t as easy to maintain until dry as I remember Artemis being. I don’t know if my magnet’s gotten weaker or something. It could just be me, though.

No complaints about either polish. This combo lasted about four or five days on me, which is on the long side of typical, so I’m happy enough.

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