Julep Judy

I was visiting my sister this past weekend, and we decided to paint our nails together – something we somehow never did as kids (probably because I was a tomboy) but now do as adults because modern nail polish is actually attractive to us. 🙂

While I was over at her place, I borrowed Julep Judy, which I thought I didn’t own, but it turns out, I actually do own this one. I guess this just goes to show that I have too many polishes and can’t keep track anymore, haha.

Judy‘s no longer offered or listed on Julep’s website, unfortunately, as it looks like the company’s new owner is drastically cutting down their selection, so I think it’s out of production. It’s a semi-sheer, silvery champagne shimmer, with an iridescent/pearlescent finish that seems to lean almost a little metallic/foil (because of the bright silver/pale gold) in my current lighting (though it doesn’t look that way from my photo).

I wrote my previous impressions of Judy in my December 2015 post when I wore it as an accent nail and at two coats with full opacity, and I didn’t remember having any issues with dry time then; but this time, I ended up just wearing one coat because somehow the polish just didn’t want to dry down. I think it might have been the humidity that day, but I could only get it to fully dry by putting on a layer of top coat (Sally Hansen Insta-dri top coat, also borrowed from my sister). Otherwise, it remained a little tacky to the touch for at least half an hour after I put it on. :\

Well, this manicure is chipped pretty badly now, and it’s been about five days, so that’s about typical for me. It’s about time for a new color, anyways. 😉

I was going to try some nail stamping for the first time, since my sister had gotten a little starter kit to try out, but since Judy didn’t want to dry, I gave up and went to bed instead. I’d always thought nail stamping would be too time-consuming and fussy for me to consider getting into, but now, I think I’d like to give it a shot, after all. I ordered a few starter supplies from Maniology (formerly BMC/Bundle Monster; the referral link will just throw some loyalty points my way if you order something), so I can try it out, if for nothing else just to do something new and maybe help me regrow some brain cells. (Be prepared for some ugly while I learn, guys. xD)


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