Julep Saryn

This week’s polish is Julep Saryn, which I received as an add-on in my last ever Julep box back in February. 😥

Saryn is described by Julep as a “Coral Sunset Iridescent Shimmer” – it’s a metallic type of shimmer polish that has a pink flash (iridescent/duochrome effect) from some angles, so it shifts from a kind of an orange coppery sort of color to a rosy coral/pink color. It’s more of the latter in my photo, but it sometimes looks more orange/copper, especially in indoor artificial light. The shimmer is pretty sparkly, with small glitters in the same coppery color for texture, as well as what looks to me to be a smattering of fine holo particles for extra twinkle.

The formula is a little bit on the thicker/gloopier side, but definitely still workable with caution; I mostly just needed to be careful to wipe of excess polish on the mouth of the bottle to keep my coats thin. It had an average dry time, and with my usual base and top coats, it’s lasted about four days so far with mostly just some expected tip wear. I did lose a big chunk of polish off one nail last night, probably while eating fried chicken (I think the rough fried bits of the chicken probably knocked off a loose bit, and I might have accidentally eaten it, oops D: – good thing Julep’s 5-free, at least). Not bad, as that’s on the long-lasting side for me! I think it’s time for some fresh paint, though.

Overall, it’s a pretty polish with a slightly unusual texture combined with an obvious color shift that makes it a little more interesting than many mainstream polishes. Saryn’s currently on sale for $6.99 at Julep at the time of this writing (no extra discount on top of the sale price for Mavens, though, in case you were wondering), as it seems Julep’s clearing out a lot of inventory. I don’t know what this means for Julep – whether it’s just a seasonal or warehouse moving clearance, or if it’s something more dire – but now’s probably a relatively good time to snag some favorites.

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