NAVNI Beauty Freshly Squeezed & Mermaid Fin

This one’s from a few weeks back: NAVNI Beauty Freshly Squeezed, two coats, plus top coat.

Freshly Squeezed is a bright, juicy pinkish orange loaded with gold-to-pink color-shifting shimmer. I love it so much. The texture’s almost jelly-like, but not quite, and it’s reasonably opaque in two coats. The formula is easy to work with, and I don’t recall anything unusual about its dry time. It was durable for the first three days, as I mentioned in my Instagram post, but it unfortunately started chipping shortly after. That’s about average wear time for me, though, so it’s not bad. Not as amazingly durable as Space Eggplant was, though.

Anyway, I love this color overall! Will definitely wear it again.

And here’s Mermaid Fin, also from NAVNI Beauty, which I’m wearing at this very moment as I type. Two coats and glossy top coat, my usual:

Mermaid Fin is, like Space Eggplant, one of NAVNI’s first products, I think. It’s a minty, seafoamy creme base with rosy copper/gold shimmer. It’s really beautiful and reminds me of green aventurine (the gemstone). Opaque in two coats, and durable, just like the other NAVNI polishes I’ve tried. This polish is on its fourth day without a single chip or any significant tip wear!

I’m really loving the polishes from this indie brand and highly recommend it! ❤

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