NAVNI Beauty – Space Eggplant

I fell in love with NAVNI Beauty Space Eggplant as soon as I saw a swatch for the first time on Instagram. NAVNI Beauty is a relatively new indie polish brand created by Kripa, who also works full-time as a physician/surgeon (link to Paula’s swatch post and interview, since I discovered NAVNI through her :)) – and as someone who works full-time outside of the cosmetics industry and doesn’t have the wherewithal to make my own nail polish, I think this is so cool.

Space Eggplant is a gorgeous grape-purple translucent (sort of jelly-ish) base with holographic microglitter and primarily teal shimmer that shifts to a pinkish purple. In the past, I’d fantasized about what kind of polish I’d request if I ever somehow won one of those customize-your-own-nail-polish contests, and as someone with an unabiding interest in astronomy (my current read is Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Astrophysics for People in a Hurry*), I always thought I’d want something that looks like space and those beautiful Hubble Telescope photographs. Basically, I think I’d have requested something like this! ❤ My photos don’t do justice to how sparkly that teal shimmer and holo glitter are, and I couldn’t capture the little rainbows from the holo particles, possibly because the sun was setting by the time I had the chance to take photos. My second Instagram photo (or blog-post top photo) shows the shimmer and holo a little better, but it’s just sparklier in real life in a way I couldn’t capture.

The application was good overall. The brush in my bottle is one of the classic/standard smaller brushes, so it might require more swipes to cover the nail evenly than with the wider new brushes that many manufacturers generally seem to prefer these days. I also found that this polish seemed to apply better if the brush was wetter than I’m used to. Instead of scraping off most of the excess from the brush as I usually do to apply thin coats, I found that the formula applied more smoothly if I minimally scraped off extra polish and applied slightly thicker coats. This could be because the polish seemed to dry quicker than average for me, so applying too little polish at once caused some gumminess, as the polish would start drying a bit during application. The first coat looked thin and patchy, but two coats was enough for good coverage.

I’m happy to report that it’s been almost a week since I applied this polish (it’s nearing the end of day six!), and with base coat (Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Hardener, my current go-to because it’s somehow one of the few products that doesn’t make my dry nails brittle and prone to splitting/flaking) and top coat (Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat), I haven’t had a single chip yet, just some very minimal tip wear, which is pretty darn exceptional after three or more days on me.

What can I say? I love pretty much everything about this polish, including its quirky-cute name, and I fully recommend this color. I also had a great experience ordering from the NAVNI Etsy store – Kripa shipped super fast and helped me apply a discount that hadn’t appeared on one of the polishes I ordered during her Mother’s Day sale. I’m really looking forward to trying other NAVNI colors soon!

(* The book link above is a referral link. I don’t expect you to use it, necessarily, but on the off-chance that you do, maybe because you like reading about astrophysics in your spare time like I do, thank you! I do recommend this book, though even though it’s written for laypeople, you may be more comfortable reading it if you have a bit of a mathematics/physics background.)

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