Mother’s Day nails: Essie Tiers of Joy

I realize I’m catching up on my nail journal late, but I hope my fellow moms all had a wonderful mother’s day! I matched nails with my mini me for the occasion (unplanned, actually, but she asked me to paint her nails while I was painting my own), which was fun. 🙂

This is Essie Tiers of Joy, from this year’s spring collection:

Tiers of Joy is described by Essie as “a periwinkle blue nail polish with lilac iridescence.” It looks to me like a lilac shimmer polish with a greenish/cyan flash. It’s opaque in two coats. No problems at all with application, and this is the first Essie polish I’ve seen that uses a new, wider brush. It’s a good wider brush, though; not so large that it’s unwieldy and hard to use on my smaller nails. Dry time and durability (with base and top coats) seemed about average.

This polish was my favorite from the Essie Spring 2019 collection from seeing swatches online, as well as out of the two I’ve personally tried (I also picked up Pinkies Out).

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