LAST JULEP BOX: Julep February 2019 (A Star is Born) Maven Box unboxing

This is super, super late as I was waylaid by various significant medical surprises this year. I’m recovering now, and I’m more or less okay now, so I count myself lucky. Anyway, onward!

According to my notes, my February 2019 monthly Julep Maven box arrived on February 22, following the same pattern of the last few months in arriving very late in the month. This was expected, since I was aware of Julep having some issues and closing down their subscription box service. 😥 A little more on that in a bit.

Here’s my final Julep box (which, luckily, I’d gotten for free with a small portion of my hoarded stockpile of Jules, which then later disappeared without warning):


The contents (Maven prices reflect the bigger discount Mavens now have after the subscription box was discontinued):

  • Love Your Bare Face Creme-to-Foam Cleanser ($28 regular; $21 Maven), 4.0 fl oz, 118 mL;
  • Ness nail color ($14 regular, $10.50 Maven), Bittersweet Cocoa Microshimmer, 0.27 fl oz, 8 mL;
  • Vibrant Virgo nail color ($14 regular, $10.50 Maven), Multidimensional Rose Gold Metallic, 0.27 fl oz, 8 mL; and add-ons:
  • When Pencil Met Gel Long-Lasting Eyeliner in Bronze Shimmer ($16 regular, $12 Maven), 0.042 oz, 1.20 g;
  • Eyeshadow 101 in Olive Shimmer ($18 regular, $13.50 Maven), 0.042 oz, 1.20 g;
  • Saryn nail color ($14 regular, $10.50 Maven), Coral Sunset Iridescent Shimmer, 0.27 fl oz, 8 mL;
  • a bonus freebie for 3+ add-ons: Illuminating Leo nail color ($14 regular, $10.50 Maven), 0.27 fl oz, 8 mL; and
  • the February 2019 Maven Monthly insert

The packaging was the same functional box and paper padding of recent months, which was to be expected.

This month’s quote:

“A superstar doesn’t just use the spotlight for themselves.” – Sasha Velour

A quote from a drag queen – I approve. 🙂


The Love Your Bare Face Creme-to-Foam Cleanser was a new product for February 2019, and though I’m in no shortage of facial cleansers, I’m always on the lookout for a good cleanser, so I thought I’d try this out. The product comes in a tube with one of those built-in twist-lock dispenser caps and has a rubberized texture to help with grip when your hands are wet. The cleanser itself is the approximate texture and color of custard and has the same light scent as another Julep product – maybe the No Limits moisturizer/cream, but I can’t remember for sure, and my No Limits has long been used up, so I can’t check. It’s subtly sweet, not like custard, exactly, but I can’t place it.

To test it out, I’ve been using this cleanser almost daily since I’ve gotten it, and it’s a pretty good one, at least for me. I have dry, sensitive skin (prone to rashes and eczema), and this cleanser cleansed thoroughly (I generally only wear light makeup, and it removed that easily) and was gentle enough that it didn’t cause any rashes or irritation. I still need to use moisturizers immediately afterward, but it doesn’t leave the tight and dry feeling that some cleansers do.


Here’s the Bronze Shimmer eye liner pencil. I haven’t had a chance to try this yet, but I fully expect it to be on par with the other Julep eye liner pencils I own. (I more wanted the Sage Grey, but that’s still out of stock. I’ve never seen it in stock since it was announced!)


And here’s the Olive Shimmer eye shadow stick, also yet untried. I’m excited about it because I love olive green eye makeup generally, but I just haven’t really had the energy to bother with makeup lately, even for fun.


Here’s a shot of the nail polishes I picked up, plus Illuminating Leo, the freebie I received for ordering three or more add-ons with my box and should be a fun color to wear for spring. I haven’t tried any of these colors yet, but I’ll update this post with links when I get around to it. (EDIT 5/19/19: Links added for nail polish swatches.) It looks like Vibrant Virgo is discontinued, as it’s no longer listed on Julep’s website, but the others are still available.

The promo code was STARS, for a free polish with any $10 purchase at, but it sadly expired yesterday (sorry!).

So, I guess this is my farewell to the Julep Maven box, which I’ll always remember fondly. It was the first subscription box I ever tried, and I liked it enough that I stuck with it to the very end. I still remember my first box, a Great Gatsby-inspired, Roaring Twenties-themed box in May 2013. Those were the good days. 😥 I’ll miss it.

Also, I felt better after I saw that Jane Park, Julep’s founder who is no longer involved in running the company, wrote a personal letter about Julep’s situation:

RIP Julep Maven box, and best of luck to all the employees who had to move on from the company. I also wish the best to Julep in the hands of its new owners, and Jane, whose positivity and blog posts about entrepreneurship (like this one, which is still available on Julep’s website at the time of this writing) are so much more inspiring than the monthly quotes we’ve been receiving with our boxes lately.

Anyway, that’s it for me for now. Just writing this post has tired me out!

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