Live Love Polish Private Cabana & Nuance Deep Earth

I haven’t had a lot of energy for nails lately, but I managed to throw something simple together for Valentine’s Day. This is two coats of Live Love Polish Private Cabana on all nails, except for the ring finger, with is two coats of Nuance Deep Earth, topped with Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat.

Private Cabana is described as a coral linear holographic, which is accurate, though the pink distinctly reminds me of strawberry candy. It’s got a beautifully strong linear holo rainbow, and application was excellent. It could have almost been opaque enough in one coat, but I used two for good measure. The holo wasn’t significantly dulled by top coat, either, which I’ve sometimes noticed as a problem for some holo polishes. It also dried pretty quickly for me. All in all an excellent polish, and exactly the pink shade I wanted for a chocolate-strawberry vibe.

Deep Earth is a chocolatey brown metallic. It also had excellent application. I remember picking up this polish from CVS at some point when they were on sale, just to give the Nuance brand a try. I don’t know if the brand’s still around, since I haven’t seen it in a long time, but the few polishes I own are pretty good quality, though the colors aren’t especially adventurous.

Both of these polishes lasted the week, at least as well as polishes generally last on me, so they both get a thumbs up. 🙂

I’m looking forward to trying the rest of my first Live Love Polish haul soon. I also picked up the Felis set of magnetic polishes (from which all net proceeds go to a cat rescue/adoption cafe in New York), which I’m really excited about. I hope to post about those soon!

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