Julep Sloan

A palate-cleanser sort of polish this time: Julep Sloan, which Julep describes as an “Icy Primrose Shimmer,” from my December 2018 box. I don’t remember why I picked this color when I made my subscription box selections last month, but it must have attracted me at the time. Once in a while, I suppose, I enjoy a more pedestrian nude pink.

Sloan is a fairly neutral/nude pink with a silvery shimmer/pearlescent/frosty finish. It’s not typically my favorite finish because it tends to show brush strokes very clearly, but the brush strokes weren’t too bad on this polish. It was on the thick side and dried super slowly, though – so slowly that I smudged my nails almost immediately after my photo. Ugh. It’s pretty unslightly now. Durability was excellent, though. I ended up in the hospital unexpectedly last week, and these nails survived all the fingertip oxygen-sensor taping and all that jazz, and I still have them on right now, with only some mild chipping other than the gross smudging pre-hospital I already mentioned. One of my nurses was really concerned about messing up my manicure and was really careful not to tape over my nails, even though I assured her that I totally didn’t care. How thoughtful, though!

I’ll put together a post for my December 2018 Julep box soon. I’ve already uploaded all the photos but just haven’t gotten around to writing it up. Soon!

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