Winter 2018 Pusheen Box unboxing!

December was a crazy busy month for me, and I just had no time to update this journal with my Winter 2018 Pusheen Box at the time I actually unboxed it. It’s belated (I received this box on December 15!), for sure, but hey, it’s still winter! ā¤ This is my last one, so the unboxing was a bit bittersweet.


The box was wrapped in the usual protective plastic, but it still got to me somewhat worse for wear this time. It’s a shipping box, though, so some damage isn’t completely unexpected.

Here’s what was inside:


I love that recent boxes have nice, glossy description cards with full, unmarred artwork on the back. These are nicely enough printed that you could frame them up, if you wanted.

Anyway, on with the items! All of these items are Pusheen Box exclusives, I believe.


(1) Pusheen hooded blanket – Embroidered lightweight fleece. This hooded blanket can be worn like a cape and has two plastic snaps on each side to approximate sleeves. Very cute, if staticky! 100% polyester, machine wash cold, gentle cycle, tumble dry low, etc.

(2) Pusheen 2-Pack Pillowcase Set – Soft, microfiber double-sided turquoise pillow cases with Pusheen saying “Morning” on one side, and her back saying “Night” on the other. 100% polyester, machine wash cold separately, delicate cycle, tumble dry low, etc.

Here’s a crappy photo collage of the two sides:


(3) Pusheen cozy socks – Fuzzy socks with Pusheen wearing a Santa hat. 98% polyester, 2% elastane; machine wash cold, tumble dry low, etc. These are really soft!


(4) Pusheen ear muffs – Very soft, fuzzy plush Pusheen ear muffs! 98% polyester, 2% cotton; polyester fiber filling; do not machine wash, do not hand wash, spot clean only. The band isn’t adjustable, and it’s kind of big on me (and I think I have an average-sized head for a female adult). It’s still snug enough because of the springy plastic, but the band is a little tall.

(5) Pusheen felt garland – Love this! It’s a thin silver ribbon strung with printed felt Pusheens and pink and turquoise stars. I hung it up over the holidays, and it’s so cute that I probably won’t take it down! The Pusheens are pretty generously sized at almost 6 inches across.


(6) Pusheen holiday greeting cards – A set of holiday cards with sturdy poster-board envelopes.


(7) Pusheen latte stencils– Three thin plastic stencils to use with cocoa powder, cinnamon, or something similar, to decorate your milk foam. I haven’t hard a chance to use these yet, but I’m pretty excited about them. The three designs are cat-loaf Pusheen (green), Pusheen in a basket/box (gray), and Pusheen with a big bow (pink). The plastic really is very thin, though, so you’ll want to be careful with these.


(8) Snow Day Pusheen and Stormy vinyl figure – This one’s a cute snow-day scene with Pusheen and Stormy in scarves and building a snowman. Adorable, and one of my favorite figures over these last three years.


Here’s this winter’s snow-day figure next to last winter’s Pusheen wrapped in Christmas lights (and a random Santa jar).


It’s a bit sad to say goodbye to the Pusheen Box, as I’ve enjoyed my deliveries, but I’ve only got so much space in my house, and I think I’ve got to downsize my material possessions before I subscribe to anything else. šŸ˜‰

I’ll probably continue to follow Pusheen Box to see what’s in future boxes and enjoy them vicariously through others’ unboxings, and maybe one day I’ll try another subscription box and post more unboxings – feel free to leave me a comment with your suggestions!

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