Julep Avant Garden trio: Binta, Bristol & Tammy

I’m so behind on blog entries, but hopefully I can catch up soon! This is the Julep Avant Garden trio ($30) that I bought with my December 2018 Julep box, which I received late that month. The three colors are:

  • Bristol (Boho Glam) – Lavender Ice Metallic
    This color is on my middle finger and is a lovely very pale lavender foil/metallic shimmer.
  • Tammy (It Girl) – Grape Gumdrop Iridescent Glitter
    This color is on my ring finger and is my favorite of the three! The iridescent glitters in this translucent orchid polish are mesmerizing, and two coats is enough to create great depth. This reminds me of the Zoya PixieDusts, maybe a translucent jelly version of Arlo. Naturally, you’ll see some nail line through this semi-sheer polish, which I don’t mind, but undies can fix that for folks that like their nail polishes opaque. 🙂
  • Binta (Bombshell) – Midnight Violet Microshimmer
    This is on my index and pinky. It looks like it has this smoldering red shimmer when it’s wet, but that very disappointingly disappeared when the polish dried, and it didn’t reappear with a glossy top coat. Bummer! The indigo shimmer base is beautiful, but not nearly as interesting without the red inner glow.

All three colors were great and lasted me throughout the week of Christmas. In fact, I didn’t have any chipping on any of these polishes for over a week, which is nearly unheard of for me. I used my usual base (currently Sally Hansen Hard as Nails hardener) and top coats (currently Sally Hansen Miracle Gel top coat) and had excellent results. No problems with application or dry time on any of the colors.

Loved this set overall, only I wish Binta kept the red flash you see in the bottle and when it’s wet.

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