Julep November 2018 (Hand of Plenty) Maven Box unboxing (with promo code!)

My Julep November 2018 box was very delayed, apparently because Julep had trouble procuring the nail polish colors for this month. It might have just been the color I chose, though (Sandee), since my sister got a different color and received her box on time.


More on that in a bit.

Anyway, the innards:

  • Eyeshadow 101 in Stone ($18 regular, $14.40 Maven), Neutral Grey Matte 0.04 oz, 1.4 g;
  • When Pencil Met Gel Long-Lasting Eyeliner in Rose Gold Shimmer ($16 regular, $12.80 Maven), 0.042 oz, 1.20 g; and
  • Sandee nail color ($14 regular, $11.20 Maven), Oxblood Shimmer 0.27 fl oz, 8 mL.

No freebie this month, and packaging for these boxes is so spartan now; just some kraft paper padding and a card. I understand needing to cut costs sometimes, but Julep boxes just ain’t what they used to be.

This month’s quote:

“With every deed you are sowing a seed, though the harvest you may not see.” – Ella Wheeler Wilcox

…somehow kind of depressing, actually.


Here’s the Rose Gold Shimmer eyeliner next to the swatch from the intro card. It looks yellower to me than rose gold, but I haven’t actually worn it yet, so it’s hard to say. Next to my Sunset Gold eyeliner from the same product line, it looks slightly rosier, but I’ll have to test them out side by side to see if they wear as similarly as they look.


This color is a matte taupe that I really liked when I tried my sister’s. Very creamy and opaque.

This month’s promo code is HEYDAY, for a free polish with any $10 purchase at Julep.com, through 11/30/18.

Okay, mini rant time.

I got everything I picked out, so I’m happy with that, but the late delivery was a bit disappointing, especially because communication from Julep was so minimal. They sent me an email on November 1st, explaining:

We would like to send our sincerest apologies for the shipping delays with your November beauty box due to the delays we’re experiencing in getting the new nail polish colors to our warehouse.

Shipping confirmation did not arrive the week after, and there was complete silence until the confirmation actually showed up in my inbox on the 14th. My box then ended up coming in last Friday (November 23, versus around the 8th, when they usually arrive). I understand things happen sometimes that are out of the company’s control, but it’s interesting that they didn’t try try to make up for the late shipment with something – at least a coupon code or small freebie or something, as a gesture of goodwill – especially since it was almost a month late. In fact, it was so late that I accidentally ordered a duplicate of one of the items in my December box because I forgot I was receiving it this month (though that’s my fault).

Anyway, I still like Julep products, but the box is not as fun or exciting as it used to be. Now that they often haven’t been including bonus surprises in the monthly box, and everything’s customized, it just feels like ordering a few items on sale instead of receiving a curated and themed monthly set as before.

Sigh. I guess I miss the original subscription box concept with the themed products, beautiful packaging, random freebies (even when they were just candy), and standalone quote cards that I could hang up on my bulletin board. What happened, Julep? 😦


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  1. That’s so sad that they don’t make the boxes as much of an experience to open anymore. I unsubscribed when they started making Canadian subscribers pay shipping earlier this year. I didn’t realize they had cut so many other costs 😦

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