Julep Padma & Julep Ruth

I bought the Sugar Plum polish duo from Julep during a past holiday sale (2014, I think), and I just never got around to wearing it. I’m gradually combing through my stash and trying to swatch/wear all of the colors that I somehow missed before. This set was so nicely packaged that I never took the polishes out! So, here they are today, Julep Padma (2 coats) and Julep Ruth (1 coat), plus top coat.

I took photos indoors today (weird sunlight through a window) to try to avoid exposure to the horrible wildfire smoke right now. Our weather report since Thursday or Friday has been “smoke.” D: The whole state seems to be on fire.

Padma is a very dark, almost black, purple shimmer. Honestly, though, as pretty as the shimmer in the bottle, it’s unfortunately nearly invisible on the nail. Still makes for a lovely deep purple almost-creme, though. The formula is easy to work with, though a little on the thicker/drier side – though that might be because my bottle’s four years old.

Ruth is a sheer orchid-purple with iridescent flakies. It’s got a somewhat goopy consistency like many glitters but suspends the flakes well and is easy to work with.

No complaints about either polish, and the layering combination of the two is very pretty.

Anyway, I’m thankful that the major fire nearest us is slowly being contained. Sending good wishes for everyone affected.


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