Fall 2018 Pusheen Box unboxing!

I received my Fall 2018 Pusheen Box this past Saturday!


I think this is my favorite Pusheen box yet. It’s hard to beat a sleeping kitty for cute. Plus, she’s engaged in one of my all-time favorite hobbies. 😉

My box had a little bit of battle damage, unfortunately. One corner of the protective plastic wrap was torn, so the box got a little dirty and dinged up, but it’s mostly all right.


I was pretty excited to open this box, considering the outside. Would it be a sleep-themed box? We already got a plush throw in the spring box, so maybe not, but wouldn’t a sleep-themed box be awesome?


Looks like it’s a relaxation-themed box! There were eight items inside (and I’m no longer going to note whether they’re Pusheen Box Exclusives because, as I understand it, the items in the Pusheen Box are all exclusive, whether or not the label says so):


(1) Lazy Pusheen Vinyl Figure – Somewhat smaller/less bulky than other figures I’ve received in Pusheen Boxes, this Pusheen is half rolled on her side and winking.


(2) Pusheen loofah – Looks like your standard nylon-mesh scrubby poof with a rubbery plastic charm of Pusheen in a blue robe. You can probably remove the charm after the poof wears out and repurpose it on a keychain or something.

(3) Pusheen toothbrush and holder – Pretty self-explanatory: just a turquoise plastic toothbrush with a vented plastic Pusheen holder that has a suction cup on the back for attaching to a mirror or glass.

(4) Pusheen stress ball – A nice, squishy Pusheen-shaped foam stress toy.


(5) Pusheen hand towel – A thin, fuzzy pale-pink hand towel printed with Pusheen sleeping on a cloud. If you got the Summer 2016 box, it’s a similar material to the beach towel. 100% cotton. Machine wash cold, gentle cycle, with similar colors; do not bleach; tumble dry low; remove promptly; do not iron.

(6) Pusheen soap dispenser – A Pusheen-shaped plastic soap or lotion dispenser.


(7) Pusheen robe – My favorite item in this box! This robe fits a range of sizes (mine is XS to M) and is light blue with clouds and Pusheens with balloons. Too cute for words, and it’s super fuzzy and soft! I was sick for two weeks recently and loved wearing this around the house. 100% polyester. Machine wash cold, gentle cycle, with similar colors; do not bleach; tumble dry low; remove promptly; do not iron; do not dry clean.


(8) Pusheen-in-a-robe mini plush – Another adorable Pusheen mini plush, so you can match her when you wear your Pusheen robe. I love this one.

The items in this box were maybe not the most exciting for me, since I’ve already got more than enough bath scrubs and toothbrushes and such, but they’re functional, cute, and easily giftable. The robe, towel, and mini plush were my favorites, and ‘Fiend Jr.’s already claimed the soap dispenser for her bathroom, so it’s still a win.

Looking forward to my final delivery in the winter!


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