Sally Hansen Color Therapy Well, Well, Well

Still catching up on journal entries for previously tried polishes (currently, I’m not wearing any polish – gasp!). This one, Sally Hansen Color Therapy in Well, Well, Well, is from almost two weeks ago, topped with Sally Hansen Miracle Gel top coat.

I thought I’d give the Color Therapy line a try because it’s supposed to be moisturizing and contains argan oil, and my nails had unfortunately reacted poorly to either (or both) the Zoya Anchor and Armor base and top coats, respectively. I don’t know what did me in – my nails are on the hard, dry side, so hardeners might make them too brittle – but my nails have been splitting and breaking off in chunks ever since. πŸ˜₯ Clearly, I need to go back to Nail-Aid, my fallback favorite, once I buy more.

Well, Well, Well is a stark white creme. I’m always looking for a good white creme, but this one isn’t it. It’s thick and got that streaky, chalky formula that whites are notorious for. I used two to three coats to even it out, and I was annoyed by both the formula and too-fat brush. I used the skinny side of the brush as needed, but it was hard to make clean lines. Sigh.

I also followed the bottle’s instructions to apply the color directly to the nail, since it’s also supposedly a nail treatment. Unfortunately, the durability was terrible on me, and the polish flaked or peeled off enough that it looked nasty after less than two days. For now, I just can’t recommend this polish.

Have any of you tried any other colors in this line and had success with it? Did it help moisturize your nails? I’d love to know if it’s just this one color!

I’ll probably give this polish another chance, especially since I’d applied it on the go on a busy day, which may have contributed to my feeling fed up with the formula. I’ll update my thoughts on this blog if I do!


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