Bright pastel skittles

Another skittles using some older polishes in my stash. I think Air (the blue polish) might have been the second ever nail polish I bought! It’s from 2012 when I first got obsessed with nail polish. 🙂

  • Thumb: Essie Haute as Hello, 3 coats
  • Index: Zoya Arizona, 2 coats
  • Middle: Nicole by OPI Lay It on the Lime, 3 coats
  • Ring: Sally Hansen Smooth Perfect Air (Smooth Perfect is the name of the product line, Air is the color name), 2 coats
  • Pinky: Essie Full Steam Ahead, 2 coats

Essie Haute as Hello is an interesting coral creme polish that seems to appear as a different color depending on the lighting, sometimes looking more orangish, sometimes more pink, and sometimes brighter, almost a muted neon. I hate the formula, though, which is sadly the case with me and a lot of my Essie polishes; it’s kind of chalky and goes on streaky. I needed three coats for reasonable evenness.

Zoya Arizona is a bright, almost Kraft-mac-‘n’-cheese orange creme/crelly, opaque in two easy coats. No complaints about this one!

Nicole by OPI Lay It on the Lime is a bright pastel yellow-green creme that I bought because the color caught my eye, but the formula is atrocious. Streaky/patchy and not quite smooth even in three coats.

Sally Hansen Air is a beautiful pastel blue with a pearlescent white/silver shimmer. Opaque in two coats and easy to work with. No complaints about this one!

Essie Full Steam Ahead is soft but bright purple with subtle fine silver shimmer that isn’t visible unless you look pretty hard. My second photo shows a tiny bit of the sparkle, and it’s slightly more visible in person, but I consider it basically a creme. This one has a much better formula than many Essies I’ve tried and was opaque in two coats.

I had a lot of fun revisiting these polishes and matched manis with ‘Fiend Jr. for the first time (last photo above). :]


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