Summer 2018 Pusheen Box unboxing!

A bit of a late unboxing for this Summer 2018 Pusheen Box – I actually received my box on July 26!


Cute box, as usual, shrink wrapped in clear plastic to keep the cardboard clean. It’s Pusheen with sprinkles/jimmies on her back! Looks like poor Pusheen was left out in the sun for a while, maybe while she cleared customs. The bottom left photo shows where the shipping label covered the box, as the rest of the box got a bit sun-bleached. It’s not terribly noticeable, but it’s there.


Everything was neatly packed inside, nothing damaged. There was a little bit of condensation on some of the plastic packaging, but nothing concerning.

Here’s what I got:


(1) Pusheen paper straws – Pusheen Box Exclusive – 15 cardboard straws in three fun prints (5 of each), predominantly featuring Pusheen, ice cream, Pusheenicorn, and rainbows.


(2) Pusheen inflatable drink float – Pusheen Box Exclusive – If you’ve ever wanted to snug a drink into Pusheen’s belly, here’s your chance. I haven’t tried this thing out yet, but it’s cute! Looks like it’d hold a 16 oz. can or standard-sized cup. The packaging notes say do not use with glass cups or bottles, do not use as a swimming device, and do not overinflate.


(3) Mini Pusheenicorn pot – What looks like a small, hand-painted Pusheenicorn teapot, with the horn acting as a spout. The box suggests using it as a planter, for holding small items, as a teapot, or as a watering pot. I suppose it could work for these uses, though I’d suggest leaving the lid off if you’re pouring anything from it, since it’s not attached by anything and runs the risk of dropping and shattering. It’s cute but cheaply made, with a patchy paint job and less-than-perfect joins you’d expect from a child’s ceramics project. (The mini Pusheen planter from the Spring 2016 Pusheen Box was higher quality.)


(4) Pusheen desktop USB fan – This item is my favorite item of this box! It’s about 8 inches wide, plastic, has an adjustable stand and an on/off switch, and plugs right into your computer’s USB connector (or probably a charger adapter) for power. It’s not an especially quiet fan, but it provides pretty good airflow. (USB hub port (5 V, 1 A) power supply, 1000mm cable length.)


(5) Pusheenicorn clear plastic water bottle – Pusheen Box Exclusive – reasonably sturdy plastic printed with Pusheenicorn, ice cream, and jimmies, and holds about 12 fluid ounces. It’s BPA-free and hand wash only.


(6) Pusheen ice cream beach party tank – Pusheen Box Exclusive – Printed with a beach scene and embroidered appliques of Pusheen and her buddies enjoying some yummy-looking frozen treats. It’s got extra large arm holes and makes a cute workout shirt – probably my second favorite item!


(7) Pusheen inner tube mini plush – A super cute Gund mini plush, just like the ones you buy in-store, packaged in a plastic baggie.


(8) Surfer Pusheen vinyl figure – Pusheen Box Exclusive – Surfer Pusheen on a fancy transparent acrylic (I think?) wave base! (I probably should have gotten a better photo with my actual camera, but you get a phone photo this time because I’m feeling lazy.)

That’s it for this box! I think I’ve got a couple more boxes before I say goodbye to this subscription and move on to something else. I’ll post again next time!


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