Julep Maynette

This is Julep Maynette, from the July 2018 collection, two coats topped with Sally Hansen Miracle Gel top coat.

Maynette is a bright, minty turquoise shimmer with a frosty finish that tends to show brush strokes and bubbles, as you can see in my swatch. I didn’t try especially hard to minimize streakiness or bubbling, so you can probably get it to dry a bit smoother, but with ordinary effort, this is what I got. (The bubbles are probably from my base coat drying a little lumpy because it’s old and a bit thick these days. The brush catches on the rough spots and makes bubbles with this formula. Ah, well! Gives it a bit of an underwater texture? ;))

The polish dries a bit rubbery (kind of reminiscent of polishes like the Sally Hansen Satin Glam ones), takes a while to dry down, and dings easily. You can see some of the damage in the swatch, unfortunately, but it was even worse later. Not my favorite finish, especially with the brush strokes, but I like the color! Because the polish got dinged up so easily, I ended up removing it after two or three days. It might be more durable with a different top coat that dries harder, though.


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