Spring 2018 Pusheen Box unboxing!

I received my Spring 2018 Pusheen Box on April 21st, but as usual, I just didn’t have time to post about it right away. Here’s a quick unboxing, though:

This quarter’s theme is Celebration Pusheen, who’s holding a bunch of bright balloons. The gold foil balloon is a nice touch. Also, the box arrived shrink wrapped in protective plastic, like usual, which I always appreciate.


Inside, everything was well packed, and nothing arrived damaged:


The glossy description card has a cute celebration Pusheen and Stormy illustration on the back (top middle of the photo below), which can be used as a small art print – nice.


(1) Pusheen Travel Throw Blanket – Pusheen Box Exclusive – 100% polyester. I don’t know that I’d travel with this blanket, since it doesn’t pack down that small, but it does make a very comfy throw! The material is very soft and fuzzy, like the wonderful microfleece they use for baby pajamas. ❤


It’s got a cheerful Celebration Pusheen print. ‘Fiend Jr. loved it and cuddled up with it immediately.

(2) Pusheen Tape Dispenser – Pusheen Box Exclusive – A cute plastic tape dispenser for standard Scotch tape, shaped like Pusheen. It’s got a 1″ core and metal teeth for cutting the tape. I haven’t actually used this yet, so I can’t comment on its functionality, but I was able to open it up, put a roll of tape on it, and close it back up without any incident. FYI, it’s a bit of a long way (about 3″) from Pusheen’s head, where the tape roll goes, to her rear, where the teeth are.

(Rainbow tape is mine, not included with the dispenser.)

(3) Pusheen Photo Clips – Pusheen Box Exclusive – Love these! It’s a chain of eight Pusheen-shaped metal (probably brass?) alligator clips for hanging up cards, photos, etc. They’ve got some weight to them.

The clips aren’t as closely spaced as they are in the diagram printed on the box.


Since the Pusheens rotate freely, it can be hung horizontally or vertically (or probably in whatever creative angle you like).


FYI, the alligator clips do leave teeth marks, so beware:


(4) Pusheen water bottle – Pusheen Box Exclusive – BPA-free, hand wash only. It’s a metal water bottle similar to the S’well ones, at least in appearance. I haven’t used this yet, but when I do, I’ll update on its functionality.


(5) Celebration Pusheen vinyl figure – Pusheen Box Exclusive – The recent figures seem to be pretty well made, with no more paint smearing issues that I’ve seen. This one’s packaged in a fancier box than previous figures, with gold foil accents. Could make a cute gift or birthday party decoration.


(6) Celebration Pusheen Special Edition Gold Pin – Pusheen Box Exclusive, 10th box bonus item! – Adorable gold-toned metal pin featuring Celebration Pusheen. How nice of them to throw this in with everything else!


(7) Pusheen slippers – Pusheen Box Exclusive – Decent quality slippers with a fabric-covered foam upper, microfiber lining, foam padding in the insole, and somewhat rubbery plastic soles. (Better quality than freebie slippers I’ve gotten at hotels or on the plane, but not as nice as ones I’d buy at a store.)



(8) Pusheen Letter Set – Pusheen Box Exclusive – Nine sheets of paper, nine envelopes, nine stickers (three designs of each, three of each design). The paper isn’t especially fine (it feels a bit rough and thin), but it looks cute and features gold foil printing.

(9) Pusheen Mouse Pad – Pusheen Box Exclusive – A thin, lightweight mouse pad of the typical black foam variety, in Pusheen’s likeness.

Close-up to show texture.

(10) Pusheen Pencil Pouch – Pusheen Box Exclusive – 100% polyurethane, spot clean only. A pink faux leather zip pouch, roughly 8″ x 4″, with metallic gold lining and a gold-toned Pusheen charm on the metal zipper. The print on this one isn’t the clearest, but the construction seems solid.

Shiny gold metallic lining!

I actually ended up getting another year of Pusheen boxes somewhat by accident (I forgot to cancel), but I liked this box a lot and wasn’t sorry to receive it. 🙂 I thought the quality of this box was higher than expected, with a varied selection of individually packaged items that can be easily gifted.

P.S. I may revisit this post and add a few photos of the individual items later. I apparently didn’t finish photographing everything yet!

EDIT 5/25/18: Close-up photos added of individual products!




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