Orly Luxe & Orly Beautifully Bizarre

It’s been a while since I’ve worn an Orly polish, hasn’t it? This last weekend, my Julep Primrose manicure sadly fell apart on the plane en route to a wedding, so I had to redo everything once I arrived. Luckily, the local Ulta was having a buy one get one 50% off deal on Orly polishes, so I picked up a couple I liked: Orly Luxe and Orly Beautifully Bizarre.

Luxe is a gold foil with a remarkably great formula. It could probably be opaque in one coat if you’re careful, but I used two. Dries fast. This is one of Orly’s standard colors, I think, and a quick search suggests it was introduced in 2010 as part of the Foil FX collection (before I got into nail polish!).

Beautifully Bizarre is a milky, semi-sheer pale pink with iridescent blue shimmer, a combination that overall reads as a pearly lilac to me. This one is from the 2016 spring Melrose collection. The formula is easy to work with, though slightly on the watery side, and it dries relatively fast. It could probably be opaque in two coats (check out Polish Hound’s beautiful macro shots!). Here, though, I layered one coat of Beautifully Bizarre over one coat of Luxe – mostly because I forgot I wanted to do an accent nail and then decided to test out Beautifully Bizarre’s opacity. 🙂 The combo’s not too shabby, either.

I can’t accurately comment as to durability because I borrowed my mom’s base/top coat while we were traveling, and my nails always get wrecked on the plane because of dryness, but this mani is in pretty bad shape after only three days. Lovely colors, though! Will definitely wear these again.

(EDIT 8/10/18: Here’s a bad swatch of Beautifully Bizarre on its own. Explanation in the Instagram post! I’ll post a fresh swatch of this color on its own one day, when I get a better photo.)

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3-ish coats of #Orly (@orlynails) Beautifully Bizarre with top coat. Outdoor natural light for the first photo (different light angles) and second one in weird indoor LED lighting because I couldn't get the blue shimmer to show up on my camera otherwise. Prettier (with more visible blue) in person, and a bit of a #nailfail on my part. 😓 I was trying to do a swatch of this color at 2 coats but failed because Julep Freedom topcoat reacted badly with it and melted it into uneven, patchy grossness. So, this is one extra coat of color plus #SallyHansen Miracle Gel top coat on top of that. Not the polish's fault; the Beautifully Bizarre is great! #nails #nailpolish #nailsofig #swatches #shimmer #iridescent #notd

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Tl;dr – thumbs up on both colors. Also, if you like Orly, the Ulta deal is a steal. Using a $3.50 off $15 coupon they can scan off your phone from Ulta.com, I got a little box of 10 travel-friendly polish remover wipes for $3 and change, and the polishes came out to about $5 a pop. 🙂


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