Julep April 2018 (Bold Confection) Maven Box unboxing (with promo code!)

Quick unboxing post for my Julep Maven April 2018 box, which came in on the 7th! (My spring Pusheen box came in today, so I better get this posted before things start piling up!)


This is the “Blowing Bubbles” curated box:

  • Way Butter Hydrating Lip Sheer in Primrose ($20 regular, $16 Maven), Mauve Pink Sheer 3.2 g, 0.11 oz;
  • When Pencil Met Gel Long-Lasting Eyeliner in Galaxy Black Shimmer ($16 regular, $12.80 Maven), Black Amethyst Shimmer 0.042 oz, 1.20 g;
  • Primrose nail color ($14 regular, $11.20 Maven), Orchid Aurora Holographic 0.27 fl oz, 8 mL; and
  • this month’s freebie, a full-size nail polish (mine was Jenda ($14 regular, $11.20 Maven), Winterberry Shimmer 0.27 fl oz, 8 mL, but my sister received a different color, so it was probably random).

This month’s card focuses on the new Way Butter colors and included a quote I wish they printed on a separate card like they used to (I would have hung it up on my wall!):

“A party without cake is just a meeting.” – Julia Child


I also picked up a few add-ons this month:

  • Green Tea Konjac Sponge ($12 regular, $9.60 Maven, $5.99 as an add-on),
  • Gold Rose Nail Stickers, ($6 regular, $3.99 as an add-on),
  • Tasha, Melon Blaze Iridescent Glitter 0.27 fl oz, 8 mL ($14 regular, $11.20 Maven, $4.99 as an add-on), and
  • bonus freebie mini nail polishes in Tali and Celeste, 0.12 fl oz, 3 mL, for picking up three or more add-ons. ❤


Before I forget, this month’s promo code is TREATME for a free polish with any $10 purchase at Julep.com, expires 4/30/18, one use per customer.


I almost didn’t get a box this month. Like I’ve mentioned before, lip products are really hit or miss for me, and previous Julep lip products have given me horrible skin irritation – not their fault. I’m just allergic to a lot of things. The Way Butters (I dislike that name, but eh, it’s what they’re called) are really similar to the previous Lip Shade Sheer Lip Butters, except they don’t have sunscreen. I turned out to be allergic to the Lip Shade, probably because of the sunscreen (it seems like I get eczema from every chemical sunscreen I’ve tried), so I thought I’d give this new product a chance.

I just went with Primrose in the curated box Julep suggested to me, and so far (after three uses), it’s been okay. I’ll keep testing it and update this entry (hopefully more timely) if anything changes. Primrose is almost the same color as my natural lips, and it’s hydrating, so it works well as a somewhat tinted lip balm. As with the Lip Shade, it’s in a square metal tube that doesn’t roll and has a nice magnetic closure. Thumbs up.


If you’ve been reading my other Julep unboxings, you probably know that I really like the When Pencil Met Gel eyeliners and have it in many colors. The Galaxy Black Shimmer reads as a bluish, purplish, almost-black liner with subtle purple microglitter. The glitter is subtle enough that I think this liner could work for everyday wear. As with the other When Pencil Met Gels, the pencil is soft and goes on easily, but on oily lids like mine, it tends to gradually dissolve turn into an inadvertent smoky eye over the course of the day. Oh, well.


Here are the nail colors together. I haven’t tried the full-size ones yet, but I’ve previously posted swatch notes for Tali and Celeste, and I love both. (I’m having to go back and fix broken images on my older posts as I go along.)

(EDIT 5/1/18: I’ve now posted a swatch of Primrose.)


So far, I’ve only tried the original charcoal konjac sponge (both the regular size and the larger shower sponge size), and I’m big fan of these, so I decided to try the green tea version. I don’t know that it offers any additional benefits having green tea involved, but regardless of the additives, I love that the konjac sponges themselves are gentle on sensitive skin, work great for facial cleansing, and are also biodegradable.


The gold rose nail stickers were kind of just an impulse buy. 🙂 I’m sure I’ll use them sometime, though.

I think that’s everything! Julep, if anyone over there is listening, would you consider printing separate quote cards again? Please? 🙂 I miss them.



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