Fragrant Jewels Cosmic Vibes Candle and Bath Bomb Set & Rainbow Clouds Bath Bomb Trio

Last Christmas, my sister TiO2 gave me an interesting gift: two Fragrant Jewels bath bombs. I wasn’t much of a bath person before, and as a person with a sensitive sniffer, the potent – though certainly not unpleasant – smells that exploded from the box on opening made me a little uncertain at first. Still, who am I to turn away an interesting present?

Fast forward a few months later, I decided to take my first bath in years and enjoy the experience with ‘Fiend Jr. The powerful smells had mellowed out to enjoyable levels (they’d been previously concentrated by being trapped in the gift box), and my little ‘Fiend was head over heels for the fizzing, colorful bath. 🙂 I’m now sorry that I didn’t capture photos for this journal, but she’s still talking about “the blue bath” and “the pink bath.” I had no problems with my allergy-prone skin, either, and the bath was soothingly moisturizing.

I got this ring from the limited edition Hello Kitty – Red Bath Bomb, currently still available at the Fragrant Jewels website for $16.95. These bath bombs are not cheap, but factoring in the $10+ rings, the prices aren’t bad.

The hidden rings were also a nice bonus – a reasonably nice random fashion/costume jewelry-quality ring is hidden in each bath bomb (or candle). It’s like a blind box toy, except in a bath product or candle! Each ring has a code that you can enter at the Fragrant Jewels website to discover its value (at least $10 and up to $10,000) and start collecting points toward freebies at their store. This initially came across a little scammy-looking to me, but given the legit quality of the actual products I’ve tried, I’m inclined to forgive them that.

Because we had such a fun bath experience, I ended up making my own order of a Cosmic Vibes Candle and Bath Bomb Set and Rainbow Clouds Bath Bomb Trio. The themes, colors, and smells (all fruity ones for me) are all right up my alley. Way to go, Fragrant Jewels.


The candle arrived nicely rolled up in paper (the slitted shock-absorbing kind for wrapping fragile items) fastened with a gold elastic cord, and the the bath bomb came protected in a square of bubble wrap and shrink wrapped in plastic. There’s a bit of a mess on the glass from the candle pour, but it’ll melt away when I use it, so I’m not concerned.

And that candle label? Awesome holographic goodness.

No filter or special editing on this photo, just sunlight. It’s hard to see, but the glass itself has a beautiful subtle iridescent sheen. ❤

I have this sitting on my desk, and it makes me happy just to see it. Plus, it smells heavenly. Sadly, I didn’t catch the description of Cosmic Vibes before it sold out, and I can’t access the full fragrance notes anymore, but an old email ad I still have mentions mandarin, peony flower, peach and vanilla. So yummy-sounding.

And, anyone who knows me could predict I would be attracted to the Rainbow Clouds trio – again, colorful and fruity!


I haven’t had a chance to try these out yet, but here are the notes from the website. Better save them here, since Fragrant Jewels products seem to be generally limited edition, and they take down the listing when they sell out.

It’s Raining Rainbows, my favorite (so cute!): “A scintillating storm you’ll want to get caught in. The aromatic elegance of bergamot and mandarin join to in creating a fragrant, citrusy heaven for the senses. Rich vanilla bean and amber come together for a sweetly satisfying finish.”

Fragrance notes:

  • Top: bergamot, sparkling mandarin, grapefruit
  • Middle: Amazon Lotus, jasmine, apricot
  • Bottom: sandalwood, white amber, vanilla bean

Cotton Candy Cloud: “This lusciously pink, cloud-shaped bath bomb bursts into the water with a celestial blue center, turning your bathtub into a purple-hued oasis that leaves your skin out-of-this-world soft. Playful pink sugar is warmed with rich vanilla and sweetened with coconut to create a sweet paradise that you’ll crave like candy (minus the pesky calories). ”

Fragrance notes:

  • Top: pink sugar, black currant
  • Middle: raspberry, sparkling blackberry, iris, rose petals
  • Bottom: white musk, sugared coconut, sweet vanilla

Rainbow Cloud: “Cosmic, colorful and heavenly-scented. This cloud-shaped bath bomb transforms your tub with fizzing brilliance, as shades of pink, green, blue and purple swirl in the water. You’re in for an effervescent escape with this sweet and fruity fragrance. Green apple and fresh melon join in fruity accord while sweet vanilla and smooth sandalwood are elevated with mind-calming lavender and mango-splashed florals. ”

Fragrance notes:

  • Top: green tea, green apple, melon, citrus
  • Middle: jasmine, lavender, Lily of the Valley, mango
  • Bottom: amber, sweet vanilla, creamy coconut

I’ll post after I’ve gotten around to taking another bath again. Hopefully I’ll have the wherewithal to take some pictures of the amazing colors while wrangling a toddler during bath time!


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