Julep Mindy, Julep Angelique, Julep Marlise & Julep Vivien

I picked up my first Julep box in a long time this month and thought I’d try out the colors in the Luminous Luck nail polish trio that was offered as an add-on. Since these didn’t look all that opaque, I started off with one coat Julep Mindy. On top of that are:

  • Index & pinky: two coats Julep Angelique
  • Middle: three coats Julep Marlise
  • Ring: two coats Julep Vivien

Angelique is a glitter topper with a clear base and fine green and translucent iridescent glitters, as well as the occasional holographic hex glitter – and is that holographic microglitter? 🙂 The glitters spread out fairly evenly on their own without special placement. Dry time is pretty fast, and application is easy – not too watery. Dries shiny. I really like how this looks over Mindy. Very spring.

Marlise is kind of a weird polish. It’s got a clear base and has a moderately high density of fine glitters in what looks to me like black and maybe a teal-to-green shift. The glitter density seems a little heavy for a topper (though I’ve seen it look stunning over black), but even at three coats, it’s not quite full coverage if worn alone. You can see in my photo that it’s almost opaque over Mindy at three coats, but it has a tendency to leave weird bald patches at the tip of the nail. This was the case with Julep’s promo swatch, too, so maybe it’s not just me! Anyway, this one had a pretty fast dry time, but not as fast as Angelique’s.

Vivien is a rerelease of an older Julep polish that I’ve always liked but hadn’t purchased until now. It’s a semi-sheer champagne pearly shimmer with fine gold glitters and gold hexes, and it dries to a somewhat squishy matte finish on its own. I think it can be reasonably opaque in two to three coats, but it pairs nicely for more opacity with Mindy, too. It dried on the fast side of average for me.

Finally, Mindy is an older Julep polish that isn’t available anymore, as far as I know. It’s a pale pink-peach crelly that applies well and dries to a glassy, milky finish. At one coat, it’s got that French manicure semi-sheer look, and the formula self-levels nicely, so there’s not too much streaking. I’m guessing it’d be opaque in two coats. Dry time was average.

That’s all for today! I’ll write up a post about my March 2018 box later on, when I have more time.


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