Winter 2017 Pusheen Box unboxing!

It’s here: the Winter 2017 Pusheen Box! I found it on my doorstep on Thursday, featuring an adorable Holiday Pusheen , all wrapped up in colored string lights, complete with electrical plug! As usual, the box was shrink wrapped in plastic to protect the cute box underneath.

Here’s what was inside:


(1) Pusheen 18 oz. Ceramic Mug – Pusheen Box Exclusive – Dishwasher safe, microwave safe. It’s an adorable dusty pink mug with Pusheen and Stormy building snowmen on a snowy day!


The print isn’t the best – the transfer film is a bit wrinkled, and some of the print is offset – but you can’t tell from far away.


(2) Pusheen USB-Powered Mug Warmer – Pusheen Box Exclusive – You can read the details in the photo below. It seems like it might be made of silicone, and it’s very cute! I tested it out, and the pad does warm up a bit, but it didn’t really warm up quite enough to actually keep my drink warm. (Then again, having something get that hot at your desk might be a bit of a hazard!)


(3) Pusheen Holiday Pins – Pusheen Box Exclusive – A set of four enameled metal pins: a star, a wrapped gift, winter Stormy, and winter Pusheen. Very cute, but the tree from the card the pins come on is unfortunately not included in the set! I guess that makes the pins wearable when it’s not Christmas, but it also makes them a bit more generic.


(4) Pusheen Holiday Sticky Notes – Pusheen Box Exclusive – A set of four small sticky-note pads: a gift, Pusheen in a stocking, Pusheen wearing a Santa hat, and a pine tree.


The paper on these is pretty thin, about a step up from tissue paper, so not as nice as the sturdier paper used for the Pusheen Sticky Notes from the Fall 2016 box. Still cute, though.

(5) Pusheen LED Charging Cable – Pusheen Box Exclusive – 46″ (117 cm) charging cable with eight Pusheen-shaped LED lights in green, pink, and yellow (like Holiday Pusheen’s lights). This is my favorite item in this box! It’s got a USB port end and a micro USB/Lightning port on the other end.


The micro-USB/Lightning end is convertible. Too bad it doesn’t also have USB-C port, which I’d need for my phone.


The Lightning plug on mine looked a little janky up close and had some gross black junk on it (yuck), but I’ve tested this thing out, and it does work. (Huzzah!)  I haven’t tested if it charges my iPad at full speed, but it does register as charging.

(EDIT 1/9/2018: I’ve now been using this charging cord for a while, and the Lightning plug is finicky and doesn’t always work, as I expected would happen with a cheap cord with the poor quality control made-in-China products often have. 😦 At least it sometimes works after unplugging and replugging a few times, and the LEDs light up reliably.)


The LEDs light up as soon as you plug the USB end to power, so you can also use it as a short strand of string lights. 🙂 So cute – looks like candy!


(6) Pusheen Head Massager – Pusheen Box Exclusive – This was my least favorite item in this box, though probably mostly because I’m not really into head massagers. I’m sure it’s fine for what it is. I’ll probably save this for a White Elephant gift someday.


The Pusheen on the end comes off and could probably be used as a pen[cil] topper. 🙂 Paint job was a little sloppy, but that’s not really all that critical for a head massager. Looks functional enough.


(7) Holiday Pusheen sweatshirt – Pusheen Box Exclusive – 60% cotton, 40% polyester. A comfy, fleecy teal sweatshirt printed with a Pusheen-themed Christmas “ugly” sweater design! I think I mentioned last time that I’d be sizing up to medium for this box (I’m normally a women’s small or medium), and I’m glad I did. Now, instead of looking awkwardly ill-fitting, it looks more purposely oversized and falls at tunic length. I’ll be wearing this tomorrow for sure!


(8) Holiday Pusheen Plush – Pusheen Box Exclusive – Another exclusive 5″ tall Gund plush, which came in a protective plastic “Shake Me Before Display to Make Me Look Special” bag, like other Gund plushes I’ve bought by mail order. I think the photo pretty much speaks for itself. ❤ Again, same high quality as other Gund plushes I own and that can be bought in stores.


(9) Holiday Pusheen Vinyl Figure – Pusheen Box Exclusive – a winking Pusheen wrapped up in holiday lights!


Well, there weren’t any gingerbread houses in this box, after all, so I’m mildly disappointed, but still loved many of the items. The charging cable and the mug were my favorites this time!

I’ve still got to decide whether I want to renew my subscription (about $50 per box, or $46 per box if you prepay for a full year, with shipping included) or cancel and try something else. If you have a favorite subscription box you think I might like to try, please comment below!




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