Fall 2017 Pusheen Box unboxing!

Here’s that Fall 2017 Pusheen Box I received back on October 24 and posted to my Instagram! (These days, that’s the easiest way I have of posting anything semi-on-time. :))

Cute Pusheen box with fall leaves scattered across her back and a toadstool on her left. As usual, the cardboard box was nicely sealed with cellophane; however, she was a bit roughed up during transit, so the box still got a little scuffed underneath the plastic. Can’t be helped, I suppose.

These mostly autumn-themed items are somewhat random, but all cute! Time for the nitty gritty:


(1) Pusheen Pancake Pan – This pan is a lightweight Teflon-coated aluminum (I think) pan with a plastic handle, cast with Pusheen’s likeness on the bottom so you can make your own Pusheen-embossed pancakes! It’s about 4″ diameter.

I’ve included the details from the back of the box in the photo – it’s dishwasher safe and safe to use on gas, electric, HOB (no idea what that is), and halogen stoves. I’ve replaced all my Teflon cookware with ceramic and cast iron for health reasons, though, and I’m unfortunately not comfortable with the risk of chemical breakdown, especially with such a lightweight pan, so this has become ‘Fiend Jr.’s play cookware. She loves it!


(2) Pusheen Pillow Cover – Pusheen Box Exclusive – 41 cm x 41 cm (about 16″ x 16″), 100% polyester, machine washable.


(3) Autumn Pusheen & Stormy List Pad – Pusheen Box Exclusive – Pale orange, with Pusheen and Stormy in scarves and surrounded by autumn woodland paraphernalia. The paper’s a decent weight, too; not too flimsy. I can’t tell you how cute this is, so you’ll just have to reference the photo. 🙂

(4) Toadstool Pusheen Pen – Probably a Pusheen Box exclusive, though it comes in a plain poly bag without any description. The description card says it’s an “exclusive pen topper,” and while it may be exclusive, I couldn’t pop the Pusheen off as a topper and think it might be glued onto the pen. The pen is a fine-tipped, inky rollerball pen with black ink.


(5) Pusheen Fabric Shower Curtain – Pusheen Box Exclusive – 70″ x 72″ (178 cm x 183 cm), 100% polyester, requires use of a vinyl liner. Again, too cute. Here, in an autumn forest vignette, you’ve got Pusheen and a squirrel with an acorn listening to Stormy rock out on the flute. This is going up in ‘Fiend Jr.’s bathroom, stat!

Oh, and here’s the full art from Pusheen Box’s Instagram account:

(6) Pusheen Mini Bath Mat – Pusheen Box Exclusive – 100% polyester, about 23″ x 16.5″. It’s a little thin and cheap feeling, so I don’t know how absorbent it is, but hey, it’s got Pusheen running against a pink background. Those creases in the mat (from it being folded in half and rolled up in packaging) don’t seem like they’ll be coming out anytime soon.


(7) Autumn Pusheen Crewneck Sweatshirt – Pusheen Box Exclusive – 60% cotton, 40% polyester. As always, this is in unisex sizing, so it fits a bit awkwardly on me, unfortunately – a bit tight in the hip and a little short in front from length taken up by the chest, but baggy everywhere else. Not the most flattering! 😛 I think I’ll size up to medium next time and just double down on the baggy. Super cute print on heathered cream, though, and it’d probably fit great on people shaped more aerodynamically! (I may also frankenstein this later, maybe add side panels and extra length to loosen it up a bit or something. :))

(8) Acorn Pusheen Mini Plush – Pusheen Box Exclusive – 5″ tall Gund plush, which came in a protective plastic “Shake Me Before Display to Make Me Look Special” bag, like other Gund plushes I’ve bought by mail order. I think the photo pretty much speaks for itself. ❤ Same high quality as other Gund plushes I own.

[EDIT: I can’t believe I forgot to post about the limited edition vinyl figurine! Ahh! Here it is.]


(9) Toadstool Pusheen Vinyl Figure – Pusheen Box Exclusive – Pusheen standing and holding a toadstool. I love it. ❤

Preview art on the Pusheen Box website!

I’m pretty darn satisfied by this box! Now that the last box of the year is coming up (<3 gingerbread houses and snow!), I’ve got to make the decision of whether I want to renew my subscription (about $50 per box, or $46 per box if you prepay for a full year, with shipping included) or cancel and try something else. Tough choice, especially with it ending on my favorite season!

If you have a favorite subscription box you think I might like to try, please comment below!




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