Julep March 2016 (Lighten Up) Maven Box (with promo code!)

Here’s my Julep Maven March 2016 Maven box, which arrived this past Tuesday!

I customized my box this month because Julep did something awesome and sent out an e-mail last month saying they were offering box customization to legacy Mavens at no extra charge. I’ve got no idea how longtime a Maven you’d have to be to receive the free upgrade, but my sisters and I all got the e-mail, and we joined in 2013. (Thanks, Julep!)


Before I keep going, I’ve gotta say that Julep’s been really solid lately. Despite the few fumbles with my last Maven box, Julep’s customer support was generally pretty helpful in resolving my issues. As I mentioned in that post, they refunded me the retail price ($4.99) for the gold nail tape that was missing from my box and offered me a free nail polish of my choice (I chose Emily) to make up for the mistake, since they weren’t able to send me the nail tape. Then, later, when they found the missing stash of nail tape in their warehouse, they went ahead and sent me the nail tape anyway, for free, which was pretty awesome of them. (Again, thanks, Julep!)

I kept it simple with my box selections this month. Tucked in that nest of dove-gray paper crinkles and pearlescent white tissue paper were my three picks:

  • When Pencil Met Gel long-lasting eyeliner in the two new colors introduced this month, Ocean Blue and Electric Teal Shimmer, and
  • the Rethink Your Shower hydrating body cleansing oil.


I love colored eyeliner and can’t wait to experiment with these. The colors are fun, and I’ve liked Julep’s eyeliner pencil in the few other colors I own. Can we have a bright red next? The world needs more red eyeliner, as I discovered the last time I was looking for one. (I currently use Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner in Iridescent Red, which I like quite a bit, but it’s not quite as bright as I’d like!)

Unfortunately, the shower oil arrived with a leak, and about a centimeter of the product ended up on the outside of the bottle and soaked into the box. D: Julep’s customer service came through for me again, though, and after I e-mailed about the leaky bottle, they immediately said they’d send me a replacement. (Once again, thanks for being awesome, Julep.)


Also in the box was the monthly freebie, a Blow Pop (green apple flavor); a quote card; and a promo code for 30% a Julep.com purchase (MAR30).

This month’s card says “Lighten Up” (this month’s collection title or catchphrase, as they’ve said they’re moving away from naming their monthly releases) on one side and has a quote from late make-up artist Kevyn Aucoin on the other:

“The beginning of all beauty is knowing and liking oneself.”

Did you get a Maven box this month? Any thoughts on Julep’s offerings this month? I’d love to hear them. 🙂

Disclosure: This post contains one or more referral links. I don’t expect you to use my referral links unless you want to, of course, and they don’t affect me giving my honest opinion. Referrals go toward products reviewed on this site – thanks!


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