Julep Emily

Time for a quick swatch post. Here’s two coats Julep Emily, topped with Essie Good to Go top coat, in outdoor natural light:

Please excuse the day-two naked tips. Somehow, wrapping the tips has never really helped me all that much because it’s already worn away by the next day!

Emily‘s Julep’s blue-topaz birthstone polish for December! Highly pigmented formula that’s almost opaque in one coat, but I did two thin coats for these photos. It’s the perfect mermaid blue, with glass-fleck-y shimmer that looks like a cyan-to-magenta duochrome in the bottle and maybe from more extreme angles but typically really only flashes cyan on the nail. Still, absolutely stunning polish.

Formula was buttery smooth and a joy to apply, even with the Julep brush and its weird splayed-ended wide-tipped shape that I admittedly do not love. Dry time was about average. Durability-wise, it didn’t stay on the longest for me (chipped after maybe three days, even using the same base coat and top coat that I frequently use), though I can’t say for sure that wasn’t because of other factors, like my daily activities or the weather. I also noticed that the strong pigment made for some messy removal and didn’t want to completely come off my skin and nails after I removed it, but it didn’t actually stain, as the blue haze washed off after I washed my hands a few times.

UPDATE 3/20/16: I took a bottle shot of Emily (and the gold nail tape Julep originally forgot to send me, which they sent me Emily as an apology for) and totally forgot to include it in this post. Here it is.


TL;DR – overall, thumbs up. Highly pigmented, but cleanup is a bit of a bear.


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