The Lady Varnishes Have Some Candy & Candeo Colors Jellybean

Happy Easter! Thought I'd celebrate with a couple candy-sweet indie colors today. This is The Lady Varnishes Have Some Candy (inspired by Wreck It Ralph's King Candy, from her monthly Disney villains series) and Candeo Colors Jellybean. Have Some Candy is a salmon-pink jelly base loaded with gold shimmer and various sized holographic hex glitters in... Continue Reading →


My absolute favorite skincare line – Beautygen

Somehow, the entire time I've been writing this blog, I've never thought to write about my favorite skincare products, probably because I've been using them for years, and I've been mostly posting only about new stuff (primarily nail polish, of course!) I've gotten since I started this blog. 🙂 That, and the brand is an obscure Asian brand that I... Continue Reading →

Zoya PixieDust Vespa

Quick swatch post: Zoya PixieDust Vespa - an older color and one of my favorites. 🙂 This is three coats, no top coat, in outdoor natural light. (It's a second-day photo, and I just realized that I'd already chipped the index nail a little. Oops.) Vespa is a textured, beautiful dusty, silvery, soft sage-y green.... Continue Reading →

Julep Emily

Time for a quick swatch post. Here's two coats Julep Emily, topped with Essie Good to Go top coat, in outdoor natural light: Please excuse the day-two naked tips. Somehow, wrapping the tips has never really helped me all that much because it's already worn away by the next day! Emily's Julep's blue-topaz birthstone polish for December! Highly pigmented... Continue Reading →

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