LynBDesigns Start with the Riding Crop

Belated swatch from New Year’s – LynBDesigns Start with the Riding Crop, from her Sherlock-themed Baker Street collection! (We just watched the Sherlock Christmas special about a week ago – still so good. ❤ Season 4 can’t come soon enough!)

This is two coats topped with Essie Good to Go top coat in indirect natural light:

Start with the Riding Crop is a black jelly loaded with silver holo glitters of all kinds – squares, huge hexes, microglitter, diamonds…there’s a lot going on in there! The translucency of the jelly gives it a nice depth effect. So fun.

The formula was easy enough to work with, though the bigger glitters took a little special placement. Nothing overly difficult, though! For the most part, the glitters arranged themselves as well as could be expected for such a chunky mix. 🙂

Really loved the cosmic sparkly black and all the rainbows in bright light. So awesome.

The only issue I had with this polish was the durability, as it seemed to be a bit brittle after drying and chipped after maybe a day or two of wear. Still, it’s a beautiful lacquer that I look forward to wearing again.


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