Julep Tali

Finally, wrapping up today’s swatch backlog post flurry, here’s Julep Tali from the January 2016 Julep collection, New Year, Fresh Look.

Before I go on, I’ve got to say this polish has some great staying power. This is two coats, topped with Essie Good to Go top coat, in indirect natural light, on day 3:

Pretty good durability so far.

Tali is a frosty, almost purplish blue – close to a cornflower blue – that Julep describes as a “[g]lacier breeze linear liquid holographic.” It’s gorgeous. The holo effect isn’t the strongest I’ve seen, but the linear rainbow is definitely noticeable in the right light. In diffuse sunlight, the rainbows aren’t as obvious, but Tali still virtually glows on the nails. Very eye-catching.

Here it is again in indoor artificial light, earlier in the week:

The rainbows show much better in this lighting, even though the artificial light isn’t as color-accurate as sunlight:

Awww, yeah, those rainbows. Like I said, not the strongest linear holo ever, but it’s still a good amount of rainbow. 🙂

Formula was pretty good for a holo, as in it dries fast but tends to bald if you run the brush over the polish while it’s partially dry. I found it best to work quickly and go from one side of the nail to the other (instead of starting in the middle, then painting the two sides, as I usually do).

I love blue polishes generally, and this one is a good one. Besides, it shares a name with…


I don’t know how many lacquerheads are also Mass Effect nerds, but my sisters and I make three. We somehow misremembered that the nail polish color was more similar to Tali’s suit colors, but I guess it was just the lighting sometimes; her signature color’s actually usually way more purple than this. Guess Julep didn’t name the color after her, after all!

Anyway, thumbs up on this polish. Excellent overall.


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