Essie On A Silver Platter

Time to play catch up with my swatch posts. Here’s Essie On A Silver Platter, which I wore over Christmas – a long time ago, I know!

This is two coats, in outdoor natural light, topped with Essie Good to Go top coat (and a bit hastily and sloppily applied, I’m afraid):

On A Silver Platter is a clear base densely packed with silver-gold shimmer and various sized holographic sapphire-blue/indigo glitters. It’s on the sheer side at two coats, as you can see, but it builds up pretty well. The formula is on the watery side, like many Essies, but it’s workable if you know what to expect (and if you’re not in a huge rush like I was). Just gotta be careful not to flood the cuticle (like I did). 🙂

It’s got a bit of a lacy sheer effect, like Julep Love, Deborah Lippmann Mermaid’s Kiss/Mermaid’s Dream/etc., or Revlon Parfumerie Wintermint. I’m not sure if it’s meant to be a textured polish, as it’s from Essie’s Encrusted Treasures collection from winter 2013. It’s not particularly textured, though, at least not more than you’d expect from a glitter polish. I liked it better topped with a shiny top coat, anyway.

In different outdoor natural light (different time of day):

Ugh, please excuse my horribly dry, winter-ravaged skin. It’s easier to see the rainbows from the holo glitters in these shots, so I threw them in here.

Durability on this polish wasn’t great for me – it chipped after maybe a couple days, at best, using base and top coat. Overall, I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite polish, but I like the idea of the indigo holo glitters mixed in with the gold shimmer. I may need to try this one again with better application technique and see if I can get it to look better. Blue and gold deserves a second chance!


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