Lupicia Tea 2016 Happy Bag

Happy new year!

It’s Happy Bag time again! As has become a yearly ritual for me, we went to Lupicia and picked up one of their new year mystery bags, guaranteed to have a value about twice of what you pay. This year, they offered a $30 bag worth about $60 and a $50 bag worth about $100. I would have gotten the $50 bag, but it was all sold out, so I got the $30 one.


The box says “Variety (black tea, green tea, oolong tea)” and “Leaf” for loose leaf, I’m guessing. The top says “ume (plum) 11″ – I don’t know what it means exactly. Maybe there are variations in the happy bag contents this year? The English label on the bottom says “2016 Happy bag (B).” If you have any insight into this, please let me know!

Here’s what was inside the box:


Nice little note from Lupicia: “Thank you for purchasing LUPICIA’s happy bag. We will continue to bring the finest teas of the world[,] and we look forward to having you at our store in the coming year of 2016.” Onward to the teas!


9 bags of loose-leaf tea in total:

The total approximate value was $70.00. I’m so pleased with the teas they included in this box!

While I was at the store, I also picked up the limited edition monkey teas commemorating this zodiac year, Fortune Mallet and Fan Dance. To my great sadness and surprise, the limited edition tin for Fortune Mallet was already sold out! Both the tea bags and tins are already sold out on the website, so I wasn’t even able to link it for you. I’ve never had this happen to me for a Lupicia limited edition tea before, so I was a bit shocked.


I was able to pick up the limited edition tin for Fan Dance (blend of oolong and spring Darjeeling tea, with real gold flakes!, $15 for the loose leaf in the tin), though, as well as a box of tea bags of Fortune Mallet (green tea flavored with tangerine/mikan and peach, $13.00 for 10 tea bags). The nice storekeeper did say that we’re first on the waiting list in case a couple tins of Fortune Mallet aren’t picked up by the person who reserved them, though. Keeping my fingers crossed that the other customer changes his mind because the tea smells so good. ❤

I wonder if Lupicia’s keeping lower stock on special items these days. They’ve never run out of Happy Bags or limited edition teas before I got there in the past! I guess I have to be quicker about these things (like with Essie Starry Starry Night, which continues to elude me, sigh).

I still love Lupicia, though – and even more so because of the free samples with each $30 purchase:


Matcha Kirara rice tea – so good. Yum!

I’ll be back to nail polish again in the next post, and I’ve got two swatches to post at once because the holidays and moving have me running behind, so feel free to check back later if nail swatches are more your…cup of tea (hurhur). ;D


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