Essie Retro Revival pre-sale (Starry Starry Night!)

I usually don’t do posts like this, but I’m so excited about it myself that I thought I should, just in case someone dropping by my blog is as excited about it as much as I am.

Essie’s Starry Starry Night is back!

Starry Starry Night

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As of the time of this posting, it looks like it’s already sold out…but maybe Essie might make more available to meet demand? Please?

(The other colors in the Retro Revival are Life of the Party, Bikini with a Martini, Sequin Sash, Birthday Suit, and Cabana Boy. They’re all still available, as far as I’ve seen!)


Julep Elsa & Julep Judy

It’s finally December, my favorite month and totally the best time to wear wintry whites and tinsel-esque metallics! I love winter polishes, I really do – and this month‘s Julep Maven featured add-on, Elsa, was a love-at-first-sight polish for me.

Here is two coats Elsa (no top coat) on all nails, except for two coats Julep Judy on the ring finger, topped with Essie Good to Go top coat, in indoor indirect natural light:

Elsa‘s described as a “[s]nowdrift iridescent stardust,” which is pretty much spot-on. Over the years, I’ve seen a number of attempts at a snow-textured polish (China Glaze There’s Snow One Like You and Essie Peak of Chic, I’m looking at you), and I think they generally miss the mark a bit. Elsa, however, fully lives up to its snowdrift description. It’s a milky, semi-sheer cool-toned white base with fine white texture beads and opalescent/iridescent flake glitter, and it looks surprisingly like snow/slush in the best way.

In outdoor indirect sun (shows more of Elsa’s translucence and opalescent flakes):

Elsa dries matte and textured, and is meant to be worn without a top coat. The formula is easy enough to work with and dries on the fast side. No complaints whatsoever.

Meanwhile, Judy is a demure, somewhat desaturated and slightly sheer pale gold/champagne metallic – pretty foil-like with how sparkly it is – with some subtle iridescent/holo shimmer thrown in. (Julep describes it as a “[m]oonbeam iridescent chrome,” but I would’ve expected a cooler hue, like a pale bluish or cool pearlescent silver, if given that description without a visual.) It reminds me of Julep Love, but without the fuchsia microglitter.

In direct outdoor natural light:

No problems with Judy’s formula, either. It was easy to work with and also dried on the faster side. Shiny and festive!

I really loved both these polishes. It was so awesome that they came in an add-on duo (Chilled Bubbly) for $7.99 this month (if I remember right). Such a great deal, especially because the colors added on separately would have been $6.99 individually. I’m not sure who in their right minds would have chosen to get just one of these polishes with the duo available – well, maybe if someone really hated one of them, though I can’t imagine why anyone would. I hope Julep makes more of these great-value duos available as add-ons in future boxes. 🙂

(TL;DR: Elsa = <3)

Julep December 2015 Maven Box: The All Night Long Collection, Eye Contact box + add-ons (with promo codes!)

My Julep Maven December 2015 Maven box arrived yesterday! I had enough Jules saved up to snag a free box this month (birthday present to myself! ;)), and I have to admit, Elsa had me pretty excited. More on that in a bit.

Here’s what was in my shipment this month:


The Eye Contact box had all four new “dial up your glam” (previously Orbital Eyeshadow) colors:


  • Cosmos, “Moss Green with Gold Pearlescence,”
  • Andromeda, “Fig with Chrome Pearlescence,”
  • Luna, “White Gold with Gold Pearlescence,” and
  • Eclipse, “Slate with Silver Pearlescence.”

Here they are, opened up (photographed in indoor warm-white LED lighting):


The colors look pretty, though as with Zenith in a previous box, sadly not as intense as they look in Julep’s marketing photos. That’s a bit disappointing, since that makes Andromeda and Luna, especially, pretty similar to other shadows I already own. Drat! Well, I’ll give them a try later on before passing judgment.

I also picked up three add-ons and received a freebie:


  • “Chilled Bubbly” – a set with Elsa (“Snowdrift iridescent stardust”) and Judy (“Moonbeam iridescent chrome”), new this month,
  • Brandy (“Steel grey with blue microglitter liquid holographic”), previously an exclusive new color from October’s Night Lights mystery box (woo, I wanted this one but didn’t get the mystery box!),
  • Becky (“Oil slick duochrome silk”), from February’s Afterglow collection, and
  • Katie (“Orchid iridescent chrome”), from last August’s Wanderlust collection, the freebie for picking up three or more add-ons.

I may have lukewarm feelings about Frozen, but Elsa is a beautiful polish. I’m a snow-loving December baby, and it singlehandedly decided whether I was getting a box this month. :] I was kind of afraid it wouldn’t apply like shown in Julep’s official swatch, but it did! Love the snow-flurry look – but more on that in my next swatch post.

The freebie this month was a Gilliam cinnamon-flavored stick candy. I’m not sure if Julep sent out other flavors, since my sister and I both got cinnamon. Fine by me, since I love cinnamon candy!


Everything was packaged in purple paper crinkles and wrapped in a glittery tissue paper. There was the usual new-product description card (with a horrible comma splice that I’ll not repeat here), but no quote card this month. Instead, the inside of the box was printed with “If you can put it on, you can pull it off. #bravepretty,” which seems like Julep’s new thing. The campaign doesn’t really strike a chord with me, but I guess it’s cool that they’re advocating acceptance and healthy self-esteem.

Anyway, onward to the promo codes!

  • DECEMBER gets you a free color with a $10+ purchase, and
  • DEC10 gets you $10 off an order of $20+


Did you get a Julep box this month, and if you did, which one? What did you think of this month’s products?

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